Is social media ruining the Rock Vs John Cena match at Wrestlemaina

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February 18, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Wrestlemania is only weeks away and everybody is watching as the Rock and john cena exchange twitter and TV arguments but is all this “cheap heat” taking away the hype in the actual match?

The rock has publically insulted Cena at every given chance it was at first entertaining with the rock and Cena both delivering some awesome promos the fruity pebbles phenomena

After that promo the internet was full of comments like Cena and the Rock really hate each other! i for one don’t believe that they actually do hate each other ( i know wrestling has had some real rivalries foley/flair hbk/bret hart etc.).

what I do think has happened though is the WWE has spent too much time with the rock “bullying” John Cena, great move on the part of WWE with all the media attention from the Be a Star Anti bullying program they are supporting.

Cena responded with the admittedly good promo mocking the Rock’s Commitment to the WWE universe, After this though both have spent the rest of the ‘Mania buildup talking trash on twitter instead of utilising the Rock’s busy schedule to torment Cena at every opportunity costing him wins and building a better match between the two superstars.

I agree that social media is now an important part of the WWE and it is mainly used well with an excellent YouTube service and a great way for fans to connect to superstars, but in this case i think more focus has been set on this stupid Cena has a “Mangina” oh the Rock hates the fans angle than the actual match.

Many people will probably disagree with this post but I for one would have rather had less of this and a bit more of the action we seen at Survivor Series.

One thing we do know going into this match Rock was in great ring shape and has still got it, The kane Angle with Cena has done a good job of keeping him occupied till ‘mania and if Cena “embraces the hate” a Heel Cena Vs Rock match would be entertaining.

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