Elimination Chamber PPV results round-up Part One

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February 20, 2012 by gorillapressonline

*spoilers after the jump*

The event opened Surprisingly With The WWE Championship Chamber  Match up:

CM Punk (c) vs. Chris Jericho vs. The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth vs. Kofi Kingston

Some Really Awesome Spots in This match and its well worth a watch, Forme Kofi And Punk  stole the match with a really good exchange of Pin sequences and a really good high spot involving a double Springboard Collision.

Dolph Ziggler had some entertaining bits notably showing off on the chamber doing pull ups and taunting Punk,

R-truth was the first Eliminated from the chamber by a Flying “macho” elbow from C.M Punk, I feel like Truth was seriously underused in this match and we didn’t see an altercation with the Miz at all.Very Disapointing.

Ziggler was The next man eliminated after a Codebreaker from Y2j.

Jericho and Punk had a really great little bit next with Y2j Taking a suplex onto the cage floor, then proceeding to slam Punk’s head and neck into the chamber door.

Kofi Climbed onto the top of a pod and takes out both The Miz and Punk,

 Shortly after Jericho gets the walls of Jericho on Kofi to force the tap.

Jericho then proceeded to attack kofi and throw him out of the chamber receiving a kick from Cm Punk and slamming into a cameraman and being unable to continue the match up (all a work no real injury)

Miz and Punk go at it for a few minutes and Miz looks like he’s getting the better of Punk untill Punk Slams Miz with a GTS and rolls him up for the Pin to retain the belt.

Winner: C.M Punk(c)

This match was awesome right up untill the y2j “injury” set up what a horrible finish to an entertaining Chamber match.

It did the job of setting up Punk and Jericho but would have rather prefered a clean win going into what could be a show stealer of a match.

After This Match we see the first of a few rocky style Santino promos this one has him drinking two raw eggs and then trying to keep them down.

After this promo a really good promo aired showing John Cena Training with a few of the FCW guys lifting weights and talking about the Rock match-up adds to the nice guy persona of Cena and its good to see how down to earth he actually is.

Next Match Was the Diva’s Championship match

Beth Phoenix(c) Vs Tamina Snuka

Beth came to the Ring in Roddy piper inspired tartan belt and pants and proceeded to mock Tamina and open the ropes for her to “get out of her ring” she also tapped her skull and said hello, that reminded me a lot of piper and was a good tone for the match.

It is really good to finally have a diva match that I wanted to watch (although it made me want a Trish Vs Beth match)

the match didn’t really last very long but there were some good spots, a Headbutt from Tamina which was awesome, Tamina tried to go on the top rope for the splash and Beth rolled out the way, and then dropped an elbow on the downed Tamina.

Tamina then Kicked Beth and landed the Snuka splash only for The Glamazon to kick out and then after a Samoan Drop, Landed the Glamslam for the pinfall

Beth Phoenix Retains

This match was quite short but it was good to see an actual Diva Wrestling match, I expected Kharma to make an appearance to challenge Beth for th title which is the match everyone wants

A short Segment was next again with Santino this time Boxing a tied up piece of ham, Raw Gm John Laurinaitis walked to the ring amid a crowd of boos and jeers.

Both Alberto Del Rio and Christian returned in this segment i was surprised to see Del Rio, both men then proceeded to complain and trash Smackdown GM Teddy Long calling him corrupt and a bully.

Laurinaitis then suggested that he should be the GM of Both brands.

Continued in Part two……

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