Elimination Chamber PPV Results Round-Up Part two

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February 20, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Continued From part one…..

After Laurinaitis and Friends Photo opportunity there was a promo saying that Wrestlemania is only 42 days away!

The next match was The Smackdown Elimination Chamber Championship match

Daniel Bryan (c) vs. The Great Khali vs.Cody Rhodes vs. Santino Marella vs. Wade Barrett vs. Big Show

Big Show and Wade Barrett started the match and big show unleashed big chops onto Barrett and after a chop block Wade sent Show into the Chain links and kept him on the ground beating the big show as he was down.

Cody Was the next to enter and Show attacked him in front of the pod that contained Daniel Bryan and gave a loud chop to Cody, After Wade and Cody double teamed Santino was released from the pod.

The crowd was wild for Santino and he proved to be one of the most entertaining participants of the whole night.

The Great Khali was next to escape the pod and show Speared him after he systematically chops every other superstar in the ring and Show Pins Khali.

Khali Eliminated First.

Big show then went over and stood at the door of Daniel Bryan’s Pod taunting him as he waited for release, Show Then starts to rip off the chains and gets inside The pod with Bryan headbutting him and throwing punches before Bryan Raked Show’s eyes and escaped from the smashed up pod.

Wade Downed Big Show with a running boot shortly followed by Cody Landing two disaster kicks to Big shows face.  Cody Then picked up show for a DDT getting the pin.

Big Show Eliminated.

As Cody is Celebrating Santino gets a Roll up pin and takes Rhodes out of the match.

Cody Rhodes Eliminated.

Distraught at his removal Cody lands a Brutal CrossRhodes on Santino!

Wade Barrett then proceeded to tie Santino to the chain cage throwing punches at the helpless Santino before targeting Daniel Bryan.

After Countering a hurricanrana Wade Slams Daniel Bryan’s Head into the Chamber pod door, this looked brutal from the angle it was shown and was one of my favourite spots in the match.

After escaping the chain cage santino blocks a Wasteland attempt from Barrett, Daniel Bryan then connects with a running flying knee which looks stunning every time he performs this move sending barrett into the chamber pod door afterwards.

Bryan connects with a top rope headbutt to Wade and Santino crawls over and gets his second elimination of the night!

Wade barrett Eliminated.

The crowd at this point is going wild for Santino as Daniel Bryan stands and smiles looking smug Santino arm Dragged Bryan and gets the crowd going again biggest pop of the night by far.

Santino pulls out the Cobra and goes for the Cobra chop on Bryan who counters the attack and puts on the LaBelle Lock.

Santino Struggles against the submission to a loud chant of “SANTINO!!” and nearly escapes before Bryan Pulls him back down forcing Santino to Submit.

Daniel Bryan Retains The Belt.

After the match Bryan was jumping around shouting “I did it!nobody believed i could do it” this added extra heat to him and this role as Heel suits him perfectly in my eyes.

More promo After this match up which sets up an impromptu match I don’t understand why WWE is doing this to Natalya its stupid and making her a joke is a big mistake on the part of wwe i would rather see her used well against Beth or Tamina she is good enough to be a serious contender to the title.

Jack Swagger W Vickie Guerrero Vs Justin Gabriel W Hornswaggle

although its good to see Justin Gabriel getting some PPV airtime this was just a typical Squash match after Swagger dominates Gabriel He applys the ankle lock for the Submission.

Jack Swagger Wins

Another promo is aired showing the build up to the Cena Kane match which was to follow, we had seen this several times on wwe TV already

John Cena Vs Kane Ambulance Match

Pretty Standard anywhere falls match which seen both men fighting around the arena and Cena beating Kane with steel steps, Pushing him through some equipment in a wheel chair and a spot on top of the ambulance.

Cena uses the wheelchair to smack kane around the face as he stumbles against the ambulance, Cena Sets up the spanish announce table and asks into the camera if “you wanna have some fun” then sets up steel steps (after hitting Kane with them a few times) for the Attitude adjustment, Kane countered this and Chokeslam’s Cena through the table.

Kane puts Cena on a stretcher and pushes him into the back of the ambulance with Cena Escaping last-minute setting up the aforementioned Spot on the ambulance roof which cena Attitude adjustment from the roof onto the arena floor.

Cena picks up Kane and puts him in the Ambulance for the win.

Pretty predictable stuff and I would have rather seen Cena turn heel and “embrace the Hate” after winning the match Cena pointed to the Wrestlemania sign and tells The Rock to “just bring it” closing the event.

Overall i enjoyed the ppv would have rather seen less promo and another match maybe Epico/primo defending the titles would have been nice.

Also would have been good to see more of the Jericho/Punk saga unfold rather than the inevitable you didn’t eliminate me fare that we will see on Raw

Going into Wrestlemania things are shaping up nicely with some really interesting matches being set up.


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