Monday night Raw 20/2/201 Recap and thoughts

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February 23, 2012 by gorillapressonline

The show started off again with another re-cap of the Cena/Kane feud, not that we needed to see it again! Far too much TV time has been given to this angle.

Eve and the Bella twins are talking about Zach Ryder and she says that she was just using Ryder! She says she is going to use John Cena too, to which Cena catches her and foils her plan.

Glad WWE aren’t going drag this out even more to be honest.

Typical mixed pop for Cena when he comes to the ring as usual, louder boos for Eve as she comes to the ring to explain.

Cena finally admits he’s lost a broski for a hoeski which makes the crowd erupt in a “hoeski” chant.

Cena called the Rock a scandalous bitch which the crowd booed even louder.

Eve started to cry and then tried to pounce on Cena, to her benefit eve tears were convincing and after been called riddled with diseases Cena leaves the ring hopefully this is the last we see of this as its gone way too far and doesn’t even look like we will get a Cena/Ryder match out of it!

13 minutes in and we finally get a wrestling match

The match of the night is Sheamus Vs Mark Henry, Henry takes it to Sheamus head-butting him in the corner before Sheamus starts to hammer away on Henry.

Sheamus goes up to for a flying spear attack then tangles Henry in the ropes for five brutal chops to Henry.

Henry misses a sloppy clothesline which looks slow and awful; Sheamus misses a brogue kick before countering a World strongest Slam and connecting a second brogue kick and getting an easy pin.

Good to see Sheamus winning matches before his Wrestlemania match against Daniel Bryan that’s a great chance for Sheamus to broadcast his talents which we don’t get to see very often in matches like this one with Mark Henry.

John Laurenitis and Teddy long are talking in a backstage segment the Raw GM then apologies about Christian and Del Rio at the previous nights Elimination Chamber event.

Laurenitis announces a ten man battle royal with the winner facing C.M Punk at Wrestlemania.

Teddy long then makes a match from David Otunga and calls him pee wee Herman which was pretty funny.

R-Truth and Kofi Kingston are tagging up against the Tag Champs Epico/primo

Truth and Epico start the match and truth is on top for the opening moves but a blind tag gets the better out of Truth.

Truth tags Kofi who starts flying with some really high drop kicks and a moon drop, as Rosa distracts the ref Kofi counters an attack and truth flies off the ringside and Kofi gets the pin.

I quite like the team of R-truth and Kingston a tag team role suits R-Truth and he shines in this short match.

The next inductee to the Hall of Fame is on next this year’s line up is pretty decent anyway and the latest addition doesn’t disappoint its Ron Simmons a great Legends DAMN moment is shown after a short introduction video showing some of his career highlights.

Another highlight reel showing the Chris Jericho elimination Chamber incident, josh Mathews interviews Y2j which he calls the chamber a travesty. He is claiming he wasn’t eliminated and calls punk a punk with no conviction.

Jericho claims he’s going to win the battle royal to prove he’s the best in the world; it’s pretty inevitable that he is going to win and Face punk at ‘Mania.

David Otunga Vs Ezekiel Jackson is up next; I am a huge Big Zeke fan and feel he is underused in the WWE.

He comes out pummelling Otunga laying a huge beat down; Otunga gets a huge lift and gets a quick pin over Zeke.

I don’t see the reasoning behind burying Zeke at every chance he would fit a great role of just squashing people and racking up a huge win streak to solidify him as a Genuine threat in the smack down roster.

Recap of the Excellent HHH/Shawn Michaels in ring promo regarding the Undertaker last week on raw it was compelling viewing and the build up to this match has been edge of your seat stuff.

A highlight reel for Wrestlemania is shown 41 days away!

Undertaker is next to the ring to a tremendous pop I get Goosebumps every time his music hits and all the fans in the arena are going wild for the Deadman.

Taker stops in the ring looking towards the Wrestlemania logo above the arena, Undertaker then talks about last year’s Mania match against HHH saying it was a hell of uncertainty, that he cannot bear no longer which is why he has challenged the Game for another match.

Undertaker accuses HHH of lying to himself and that the corporate image isn’t who HH is, a good build up to this match and it proves just how good HHH/Undertaker/HBK are.

HHH comes to the ring to confront Taker again an interesting note is HHH is wearing a suit again this adds to Takers accusations and is a nice touch.

Taker says that all the excuses are pitiful but it is an end of an era, HHH says there fate is to ensure that the WWE exists in the future and that Undertaker has to be the leader to carry the torch for the next generation and HHH doesn’t want to wrestle taker because “it’s bad for business.”

HHH says that undertaker isn’t asking for vengeance but an end to the streak, claiming that it’s what Taker really wants.

HHH again denies the match and refuses to wrestle at ‘Mania.

Undertaker Provokes HHH by calling him a coward again to which the Game rises and gets in the face of the Deadman before Realising the provocation and backing off again.

The note worthy thing about this over 10 min long promo is that the crowd are captivated throughout which just shows how good these men are.

Undertaker then declares that HBK is better than triple H.

HHH says that he is better than HBK and he can finish this where Shawn couldn’t, he then accepts the match on the condition that it is in Hell in a Cell!

Undertaker then pats Triple H on the shoulder happy with the decision and what is going to be one hell of a match at mania

I have included the full promo here for all to see the masters at work.

After a quick highlight from Elimination Chamber an over enthusiastic Daniel Bryan is heading to the ring; I love this persona for Daniel Bryan and how he has just taking it over the top.

Santino is heading to the ring as his opponent I really enjoyed their interaction at the PPV so am very much looking forward to this match.

Santino could use to drop the comedy routine as he is an excellent in ring performer.

After a few quick roll ups Santino is caught in a LaBelle lock and tries with no avail to reach for the cobra and is forced to tap in another quick match-up.

A Fact is shown on the screen stating that John Cena has 10,640,321 followers on Face book which is astounding.

Diva Tag Team action next Kelly Kelly/Askana Vs the Bella Twins

Typical Diva Fare and yet another short match I don’t think a match has gone over 8 mins on this edition of Raw.

The Bella’s take a quick pin over askana after she done a few half decent moves in the ring, with time she could be a good addition to the Diva roster.

John Cena is in the ring now to address the Rock again. Cena calls Eve a Skankapottomus.

Cena mentions again that the Rock isn’t at raw this week again, but will be next week. The crowd chants “rocky” to which Cena says he is no longer the Peoples Champion.

Cena then proceeds to bitch about how Hollywood the Rock has got ad that he isn’t excited about facing him as he doesn’t respect him, then he mocks the “pec pop of love”.

Cena admits that although his movies weren’t very good he never turned his back on the WWE or wrestling.

Cena says he will always be here in the wwe and that he’s looking forward to beating The Rock in his hometown.

The rock will be on raw next week to address Cena again.

This is going on far too much I’d rather see the rock/Cena attack each other before mania build a bit of physical heat on each other.

C.M Punk is out next in his famous Announcers jacket; he always provides entertaining commentary and will do so over this 10 man battle royal.

10 Man battle royal: Big Show, Cody Rhodes, R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, The Great Khali, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Santino, Chris Jericho.

It’s pretty obvious who is going to win this battle royal from the outset, but if were wwe going to throw a curveball I’d like to see a Cody Rhodes or Dolph Ziggler face Punk at ‘mania.

Punk mocks Y2j ring attire saying he looks like a lite-brite.

All the men go at it from the outset; All Ten men eliminate The Great Khali first.

The Miz and Kofi Slug it out on the ring apron, as Jericho and Ziggler fight on the other side of the ring.

Cody and Wade try to eliminate the big Show to no avail. Miz is eliminated but a double drop kick from Truth and Kofi.

Chokeslam from Show on Truth and Kofi.

Y2j lands a codebreaker on Show,

ZigZag on Y2j, followed by a Crossrhodes on Ziggler.

Wade tries to eliminate Santino who reverses it and eliminates Barrett (Barrett looks like he landed awkward).

Santino then eliminates R-Truth quickly afterward.

Awesome dropkick from Dolph Ziggler on Santino before the Big Show Easily Eliminates Ziggler

As Ziggler was eliminated Wade Barrett has hurt his arm and is genuinely injured at ringside.

Kofi has been eliminated by Y2j.

Final four is Santino, Cody Rhodes, Big show and Jericho. Medical staff is putting Wade Barrett on a stretcher and jerry the king states he has a broken arm.

Disaster kick from Cody Rhodes on the big show as the remaining Superstars all attack Big Show.

Santino gets a Cobra on y2j before Cody eliminates him.

Big Show eliminates Cody Rhodes. Final two is Y2h and show, Show picks up Jericho and he has him in a headlock teetering on the Edge.

Cody Rhodes helps Jericho Win the match predictably.

C.M Punk Steps into the ring after the match to confront Y2j. Punk holds out his and hand to Jericho which he refuses to shake; punk’s music hits and he plays to the crowd.

Although it was obvious that y2j/Punk was going to happen it is still going to be a really great match and Wrestlemania is shaping up nicely.

Raw was a pretty decent event although the matches were short the road to Wrestlemania is firmly on the path, it was a shame for Wade Barrett being injured and subsequently out for 6-8 weeks which sadly means he will miss Wrestlemania

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It will be interesting to see if anything comes of the Cody Rhodes/ big show thing now that wwe have said that Shaq won’t be wrestling at mania, but that could be wwe trying to deter rumours

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