WWE Smackdown Supershow 21/2/2012 recap

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February 23, 2012 by gorillapressonline


I was actually looking forward to this event since the main event of Daniel Bryan Vs C.M Punk was announced, but in history Smackdown has been a mismatched show without much consistency especially live which this show was.

The show opened with Daniel Bryan and A.J more of the awesome show boating and shouting on the way to the ring, Huge boos as he takes to the mic.

Bryan is shining on the mic and in ring at the moment and the boasts of headlining Wrestlemania adds to this persona.

He then mentions that he not Santino is the real rocky balboa and then proclaims “ Yo AJ I did IT”

Daniel Bryan was proclaiming he was the best in the world and not C.M Punk before getting interrupted by the Miz.

Miz Says that he believed that Bryan would become champion because he mentored him and moulded him into a champion, Miz is out to congratulate Daniel Bryan and is propositioning Bryan to be a tag team after mania, which would be a pretty awesome tag team.

Sheamus interrupts both men in the ring congratulating Bryan on being a massive arse and that he’s a coward for hiding behind a woman.

Daniel Bryan Slaps Sheamus before the Miz attacks Him although Sheamus makes quick work of him.

Teddy long then made Sheamus and The Miz have a match now.

Sheamus quickly tried to throw the Miz over the top rope, Miz lands on the apron before taking some of them vicious Forearms from Sheamus.

Sheamus exits the ring to stick it to Miz some more Sheamus gets a close pin attempt before Miz takes a big Shoulder from The Great white.

Sheamus takes a shoulder into the ring post and Miz quickly capitalises focusing on the shoulder.

Miz goes up on the top rope and a land an axe handle smash and goes for the cover again.

Sheamus mows down Miz twice with big clotheslines and a back breaker.

Miz looking for the Skull crushing finale, The Celtic warrior soon turns the table and ends the match with his new finisher.

This was overall a good match I love the Miz’s in ring expressions and his ring work has improved greatly the last few years. Good to see Sheamus getting some well deserved spotlight and Headlining Wrestlemania this year.

More Teddy Long Askana Antics backstage believe it playa.

The Raw Gm and David Otunga interrupt the Smackdown GM, Teddy long has ordered Laurenitis an office for the evening it’s the men’s room.

We get another David Otunga Vs Ezekiel Jackson match later on.

Kofi Kingston and R-truth have another tag match next, I think these two work well together in a duo and all the little jimmies got to recognise.

Their opponents are Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler.

Truth and swagger start the match-up with a headlock, Truth is over with this crowd and gets a pop at his dancing.

Dolph Ziggler gets the tag and starts showboating doing sit-ups next to the down Truth,  Truth gets the tag and Kingston comes in flying (literally) a quick succession of moves before he goes up top and lands a huge splash on Ziggler.

Swagger attacks truth and Kofi knocks him off the apron into Vickie. Ziggler pokes Kofi in the eye and costs him the match after a Zigzag.

Quite a good match if not a bit short could see Kofi/Truth being a legitimate tag team threat in the division.

A clip of Big Show hitting Mark Henry with a big punch is shown I love how good them punches from show look.

The Ron Simmons promo from raw last night was shown again ready for the hall of fame.

A backstage promo of Santino “taming” the cobra is shown next  as the cobra strikes at plastic cups set up on the table.

Heath Slater comes and knocks all the cups off the table and the cobra spits something into the eyes of heath!

A small clip of the real life Chris brown/ C.M Punk feud is shown and how the story has been shown on national television. Video below:


Another Mania promo is shown (40 days!)

Drew McIntyre Vs the Great khali

A small indent says that Khali’s music is available on iTunes?! Why would you want that track its terrible.

Drew starts the match begging before trying to capitalise on Khali.

The Punjabi Plunge is put on drew and Khali gets the quick win. Why on earth is Drew getting squashed like this? He could be a main event star given the right push.

A highlight of the 10 man battle royal is shown.

Big show say Cody Rhodes is on the top of his you know what list and that if he gets his hands on him he’s going to snap his neck.

I would like to see Cody Vs Show at mania. The Henry knockout punch is shown again.

Mark Henry Vs big Show is next, typical Mark Henry match fare really with Henry beating up show, standing on Show. Not sure why the world’s strongest man is getting over and a good push when he hasn’t really done anything in the last 10 years.

Show launches the comeback landing a big boot and a spear, as Show goes for the chokeslam Cody Rhodes interrupts the match to show more of Big Shows not stellar Wrestlemania moments.

Typical comedy Asian action film music is put over a highlight video of Wrestlemania 21 sumo match.

Henry attacks the distracted big show getting a near fall; Then Show uses the weapon of mass destruction on Henry laying him out. Show runs after Cody backstage.

Good finish to an average match and hopefully more build up for the Wrestlemania match which could be a really good match if done right allowing both superstars to shine and giving Cody Rhodes something to do.

The Undertaker/HHH promo is shown again in highlight form hell in a cell will be a really good match in my eyes and could surpass last year’s match.

David Otunga and Zeke Jackson is next a rematch from last night’s raw nice old school split screen promo from Zeke as Otunga strikes big Zeke before being thrown around like a ragdoll,

This is what we need to see from Jackson, using him as this unstoppable force but the WWE doesn’t seem to have much faith in the big man.

Otunga Slam’s Zeke again and ends the match in the exact same way as the RAW match last night.

The only positive out of the match is these wins help soften the bow tie wearing sidekick to the raw GM that Otunga has.

On Raw they showed a stat with how many face book fans Cena has well they repaid the favour to the Rock by stating he has 2,105,843 followers on Twitter.

More Raw footage is shown.

Matt Striker interviews C.M Punk Regarding Bryan and Y2j. Punk says it’s great to be back on Smackdown and praises Teddy Long, punk does a spot on impression of John Laurenitis Big thumbs up included.

Punk then applies that Bryan is stealing his gimmick and he’s going to teach him how to lose.

The main Even Champion Vs Champion match is next up, and the one I’ve been looking forward to since there last encounter on raw a while back.

Bryan runs to the ring screaming “Yes” to a loud C.M Punk Chant then massive pop for the Best in the world.

Punk and Bryan tie it up and have some pretty fluid exchanges in the middle of the ring. A really quick roll up counter displays both talents at work here this is the best of the current generation of wrestlers. Best in the world

Bryan has Punk in a headlock and after a rundown the ropes punk gets a knee in the stomach to Bryan and a near fall, Punk goes up top and misses an aerial assault and it looks like he has hurt his left  Elbow in the exchange.

Bryan aims for the arm and throws a few viscous kicks to punks arm and body, Punk takes a kick to the chest before catching the next and trips Bryan.

Bryan jumps straight back onto the injured arm, stretching out punk with his arms outstretched and a knee to the back, punk climbs out only to be thwarted again.

Punk is still nursing the arm as he returns some kicks to Bryan, punk is looking for a one armed GTS but Bryan crawls out and tries to leave the ring, Sheamus throws Bryan back into the ring and Punk Gets the win.

The Raw GM runs ringside and orders the match to continue, Punk goes straight back to throwing chops at Bryan. C.M Punk starts to mock Bryan outside the ring.

Punk takes a stiff kick to the head from the floor, Bryan Gets the pin but Punk has his hand on the ropes, the raw GM ignores this only for Teddy long to come down and order the match to continue again.

The action starts furious again punk looking angry and comes out storming throwing Bryan out the ring then suicide diving through the ropes to take out Bryan.

Great arm drag in the ring from Bryan as both men struggle in the ring, Bryan runs and hits punk with an amazingly high drop kick.

Great rolling up pin from the top of the rope and a near escape from Bryan, punk then escapes a LaBelle lock and monkey flips Bryan and getting another near fall this time Bryan gets his foot on the ropes. The crowd is going wild for punk as he goes to the top rope for the “macho” elbow which Bryan manages to stop.

Bryan goes for the superplex and punk battles out of it before taking a high knee and avoids another top rope attack.

Punk takes a giant suplex from the top rope and both men get rolled up and both get the three count!

Another Great false finish and both GM’s and superstars think they have won.

The ref hasn’t made a  decision and both GM hold up each superstars hand before proceeding to argue.

The match ends with Teddy long leaving the ring and punk looking confused to the event, Great way to end the match and a great starting point for another match after Wrestlemania.

Here’s a link to the match:

Both Wrestlers are outstanding and it’s great to see Vince utilising them both and probably winning over the indie fans in the process.

I could have watched that match for two hours and would really love to see a 1 hour iron man match between the two in the near future.

Overall the Live smack down super show was pretty good and has helped set up smack downs offerings to Wrestlemania nicely.

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