Monday Night Raw Recap 5/3/2012

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March 6, 2012 by gorillapressonline

ImageAs the road to Wrestlemania draws even closer Monday night raw brings another star packed show, with the advertisement of the Heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels and Fallout from the Rock and John Cena’s Blistering Promo last week the event sets to be amazing.

Spoilers after the jump.

Teddy Long is running Raw Tonight

The Showstopper HBK opens the show talking about the HHH and Undertaker Match, Wanting to know why Hunter had changed his mind on accepting the Match.

HHH comes to the ring to explain his decision.

Shawn says he is amazed that HHH didn’t buckle under the pressure to accept the match, this build-up has been really interesting and given the amount of TV time this has been getting has only helped build more excitement for the ‘mania match.

Footage from two weeks ago on raw is shown with ‘taker saying that Shawn is better than HHH.

HHH denies that accepting the match because of the accusations of HBK being better than him, says he’s tired of people saying HBK is a failure.

The game says that he is going to end the streak end the era of the undertaker, and he is doing it for HBK.

The Doubt building angle has been handled really well creating a whole psychological effects without even having undertaker at every event.

HBK announces he is going to be the special guest referee in the match!

This could add another dimension to the match; will Shawn Hinder either superstar? Will he help HHH? Or try to interfere in the match himself?

The first Match of the night Santino Marella vs. Us Champion Jack Swagger for the title.

During the early stages of the match the Raw GM walks to the ring.

Santino pulls out the cobra fairly early getting attacked by Dolph Ziggler in the process.

Teddy long and Kofi Kingston then come to the ring to even the odds.

This is making the GM VS GM match at Wrestlemania a given in some form, possibly a survivor series style team match.

Santino uses the Cobra on Ziggler, and Askana and Vickie fight at ringside, Swagger applies the ankle lock while the ref is distracted and Santino Takes the Win with a roll-up.

Santino Marella is new United States Champion.

Teddy Long has the security Remove the Raw GM. The Four Security Guards were wrestlers from a local New England Wrestling Federation.

As John Laurinaitis is acting as GM on Friday night Smackdown it will be interesting to see if Santino Drops the title in a quick rematch, personally I think Santino Deserves a decent push as a genuine competitor  

The Rock has a funny promo history lesson where he throws various items of John Cena merchandise into the river.

ImageWwe are actually making WWE Gnomes and John Cena cologne!

A really funny wonder woman bit is in this promo and is well worth a watch.

Here is the first Rock History Lesson:


Diva action Next with Eve Vs Alicia Fox, Kelly Kelly is at ringside.

Eve quickly Dispatches Alicia Fox for the win

Zach Ryder comes out and says he’s glad he didn’t hook up with Eve because “bro-skis before Hoe-skis”

Backstage Eve catches up with Ryder and kisses him. Still a Hoeski.

Some pre-recorded footage from John Cena airs next, filmed in an empty arena.

The empty arena helps build up this match more as Cena says he needs to win in the Rock’s backyard and he’s won the big one.

The last few week’s promos have been nothing short of electrifying moving mainly away from the petty bullying into a really good ground, this new determined Cena really helps move focus away from the “Fruity Pebbles” Cena and sends him into a eligible threat for the Rock.

C.M Punk is too the ring next in Tag team action.

Punk /Sheamus Vs Chris Jericho/ Daniel Bryan.

Great tag team action in this Heel Vs Face match up, Punk and y2j start the match.

Going by the pace of this opening sequence Punk and Jericho are going to kill it at ‘Mania great fast pace exchanges and fluid wrestling.

Sheamus and Bryan both get the tags and show what they can do next, Sheamus attacks Bryan with those harsh chops.

Jericho is getting major heat from the crowd which is mainly pro Punk.

Sheamus gets the tag and railroads Y2j and gives him an Irish curse for a close pin fall

Punk and Bryan are in the ring now, punk holding a back injury as he goes up top for the Macho elbow and another close fall.

Huge dropkick from Bryan as all four men are in the ring now.

Jericho gets C.M Punk and gets him in a small package for the win

Winners: Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan

Another Rock History Lesson is shown; this for me is where the Rock has been shining. The crowd are into it and it is very funny, like the Rock of old.

The Miz is too the ring next Against the Big Show

I am really surprised that WWE haven’t given the Miz at match at Wrestlemania yet, for me he is one of the hardest working wrestlers in the WWE at the moment, The frustration angle means he actually will have a match but against who yet isn’t looking very clear to me.

Cody Rhodes interrupts The Big show again this time showing footage from Wrestlemania X8

Miz attacks Big show only to be Speared and then hit with the weapon of mass destruction.

Winner: Big Show.

All this build up points to a Cody Rhodes Big Show ‘mania match; Will Show choke again or can he break his terrible Wrestlemania record by beating the Dashing one?

A Mania Promo is shown again 27 days to ‘Mania!!!!

Another Rock History Lesson promo is shown, where The Rock talks about the “rock revolution”. These promo’s have been brilliant and hark back to the Rock we all knew and loved.

I didn’t like the initial Build-up to this match feeling that there was too much emphasis on the Rock bullying Cena in-between “be a Star” promo’s which I thought was in poor taste especially how heavily the WWE have been against bullying.

But these last few weeks have stepped beyond that and have been entertaining as well as adding to the feud.

R-truth (another Superstar without a Mania match yet) is out to the ring next. I Love the little jimmy angle and feel like Ron killings is doing the best work in ages.

A great old school two screen promo is shown and Truth is on fire as usual.

Kane Vs R-truth is next

After the Randy Orton attack on Smackdown last Friday night will Orton return the favour in this match, is as that the build up for a Kane/Orton Feud.

Kane’s in ring work has looked fairly decent since his return and his recent run of wins including this one against R Truth could throw him back in the championship run.

Orton Interrupts Kane’s pyrotechnics and RKO’s Kane in the middle of the ring and proclaims it’s good to be back.

WWE has missed Orton in my opinion and I for one am glad to see him back in the ring.

John Cena is in the ring now talking trash about the Rock, Cena calls Rock the situation from jersey shore and he is nearing a mid life crisis.

Cena is doing well to hype the match and The Rock and how the Rock is getting shook up by Cena.

The rock’s music hits and the crowd goes wild as he walks to the ring.

Rocky Thinks that the only thing that Cena is feeling is Fear; Fear that as soon as he is beaten it all goes away every accomplishment that Cena has made in the wwe.

The pro Cena area of the crowd starts chanting Tooth Fairy at The Rock.

Another Blistering promo the build up has taken full swing and is setting up parameters for the match, and establishing some dimension to the match.

The road to Wrestlemania is hot on the rails now and is shaping up nice looking forward to this one its Wrestlemania baby!

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