Monday Night Raw recap 12/3/2012

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March 14, 2012 by gorillapressonline

As Wrestlemania is now just over three weeks away the hype and build up is in full swing and the Monday night edition of Raw did not disappoint

The show opened with the John Cena thuganomics rap which for me was a refreshing change to Cena and was very old school, the rock concert closed the show and was a fantastic end to a really good show.

Shawn Michael’s and undertaker confrontation built up HBK’s referee role nicely adding extra doubt when HHH crotch chopped ‘taker afterwards.

Will HBK have the final say in Undertaker’s streak ending?

Dolph ziggler and sheamus had a corking match with a really brutal announcer table slam which left a great whelp and cut on the Celtic warriors back which looked pretty nasty.

The GM vs GM match had a new development giving David otunga and Santino Marella Captain roles in the tag man contest.

Chris Jericho interrupted the CM Punk/ Miz match with a blistering promo about alcoholism and Cm punk sold it terrificly with excellent facial expressions and body language and has added a whole new angle into this Hot feud, will this adversely effect C.M Punk’s mindset going into the Wrestlemania match? here is that promo it is definatly worth a watch Y2j and punk showing how its done:

The rock Concert was next and it was a brilliant segment with rock riffing on various songs then the whole crowd sang along to a version of we will rock you, good to see the Rock bringing it.

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