Monday Night Raw recap 19/03/2012

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March 20, 2012 by gorillapressonline

as Wrestlemania draws closer only two weeks away the matches are shaping up nicely As always spoilers after the jump!

The show started off with CM punk rebuking Chris Jericho only too have Jericho bring his sister into the mix!

the added heat for this match is setting a story nicely and is probably the match i am most looking forward to at mania.

The rock was in Philly(where Raw was presented from this week) and the crowd were popping huge for the rock with another good segment.

During the Cena/Mark henry match after Cena got the AA and the win which is impressive considering Mark henrys.’s size; then the Rock came out and Rock bottomed the worlds strongest man to prove a point to Cena.

HHH HBK and the dead man all met in the ring too and set up more of this great feud casting doubt again as to HBK screwing over the streak hindering HHH. The Segment ended with Taker telling Triple H that shawn was indeed better than him, which left HBK In the ring looking smug towards the game.

The Miz fought Sheamus in a decent match and Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder had a really good match which is worth watching WOO WOO WOO.

A promo aired for Lord Tensi and afterwards michael Cole and the king completely ignored the mystery behind this promo video going as far as not to even mention what was shown.

Lord tensi is Prince Albert/Giant Bernard who has been shining in japan.

otunga/santino match and the ziggler/swagger tag match both of which help set up the GM/GM 6 man tag match both were also on this episode.

Overall it was an enjoyable episode of raw and did a good job in hyping Wrestlemania further and I’m really enjoying the Miz build up with him not having a match at ‘mania yet.

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