The Hardcore History of ECW


March 20, 2012 by gorillapressonline have published an interesting article by Joey Styles about the history of ECW.

The article is worth a read and for further reading id recommended the Rise and fall of ECW.

ECW were groundbreaking in their day and showcased and preempted the Attitude era of WWE which all wrestling fans hold dear in their hearts.

Among the Wrestlers to shine in the promotion were Rob Van Dam, Cactus Jack Terry Funk and Sabu.

Many other performers such as Chris Beniot, Rey Mysterio and Stone Cold Steve Austin also showcased Hardcore talents.

WWE bought out the company and Released a watered down product which didn’t capture this wild fury of the original promotion and lacked the element of danger which enticed fans in the original product.

Paul Heyman and Joey Styles both defined the promotion delivering exciting commentary and treating fans smartly, the wrestlers also delivered some of the most heated promos and matches which have set ECW as a firm fan Favourite.

The link to the article is here and is well worth checking the classics section of for some great matches from the promotion enjoy:





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