Wrestlemania top 20 Matches – Number 19


March 22, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Hulk Hogan VS Ultimate Warrior Wrestlemania 6


Now this is a match most wrestle purists (which I am usually one of) will hate, but this was special because it featured two of the two biggest superstars of the WWF during my childhood.

Not that make it match special it was  also because it was a  title vs title match with both on the line, which was a first.

The climax of the match was probaly about as exciting as any other mania main event , warrior nailing the gorilla press and then Hogan kicking after the big splash, to begin the customary hulking up which usually sigalled the end, hitting the big boot only to then miss the big leg drop only for warrior to seize the moment hit another splash and become the first man to hold the WWF and Intercontinental belts.

2 thoughts on “Wrestlemania top 20 Matches – Number 19

  1. chuckneo says:

    I’m not a huge wresting fan – but that match was the one I remember most. It was the two biggest wresting icons to me from a time when it had just become kind of mainstream.

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