Wrestlemania Top 20 Matches Number 16

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March 24, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs The Rock Wrestlemania 17

The 2nd match out of three, that the two biggest wrestling icons of the modern era would meet at a Wrestlemania. This time in Austin’s home state of Texas, in the main event of the greatest Wrestlemania of all time

Going into the match, both Stars were red hot crowd favourites and the action was as epic as you would expect from the rattlesnake and the future Hollywood movie star. Great spots in the match included both guys using each-others finishers. Austin even survived a Rock bottom, and the great one kicked out of a Stone Cold Stunner !

The finish of the match saw Mr McMahon come to ringside and screw the Rock out of the title and join forces with austin. This being a huge shock at the time considering their epic rivalry over the previous three and half years. Heel turn or not,  Austin’s home state crowd still erupted when Austin Defeated the Rock for his then 5th(I think) WWF Championship.

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