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March 26, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs The Rock Wrestlemania 18

Billed as Icon Vs Icon , this was the first time Hogan would be appearing at Wrestlemania in 9 years.Going into the match as the leader of the NWO , and as a huge heel , the rabid crowd in the Toronto Skydome were still behind the Hulkster 100%.

Now, I dare any wrestling fan to go back through all the Wrestlemania matches that have come and gone and find a more raucous , intense and down right loud audience. The crowd reaction towards Hogan was so strong, the company decided to turn him face and give him one more run with the gold the next month.

The match defied all expectations considering Hogan’s advanced years. Hogan wrestled a predominantly heel style match, scratching  the rocks back and even choking him out, where as the rock (yes he was in the match also) relied on his typical offense. The high point came when Hogan kicked out of the Rock Bottom and began that familiar hulking up, hitting the big boot followed by the classic leg drop, only for the rock to escape the three count.

The end came after the rock hit two Rock bottoms, followed by the people’s elbow for the win,after the match Hall and Nash came down and attacked Hogan only for the Rock to make the save and clear the ring, bringing the two Icons together.

Result aside, myself and around sixty thousand Canadians knew who the real winner was that night. To quote the immortal one ” Rock won the match , Hogan won his fans back ”.

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