WWE Topps 2011 Box


March 28, 2012 by gorillapressonline

I Recently purchased a box of WWE topps 2011 from a  us retailer after being stung by customs charges (being in the uk sucks) i opened the full box of 36 packs.

i can highly recommend these cards to any wwe fan/collector the photos are for the most part really good and the backs of the base cards have mini bios/facts about the corresponding superstars and legends.

the base card set consists of 110 cards out of this box i got 109 of the base cards and plentiful doubles the only card i need to complete the base set is #64 Chavo Guerrero.

alongside the Base cards there are many subsets which include catch phrases, Topps heritage cards which i will talk about in a bit, Electrifying Entrances, prestigious pairings and autographs relics and dual autographs.

I didn’t hit an auto in this box but i did get a rather cool Cody Rhodes Superstar swatch relic, which was a swatch of his t-shirt from the 11th january Raw and it wasn’t all plain black which is awesome.

If anybody has the #64 trading card for trade or sale please let me know, although I will be buying another box to get some more of the insert sets.

The heritage set was my Favourite from the sub-sets it was mainly classic superstars (what i pulled anyway) but the cardboard stock was made like vintage cards and is a startling effect which works well with the cards.

please share your “hits” in the comments below would love to know what other people have managed to pull from this set!

The base set will consist of 110 cards, a 50-card Topps Heritage insert set, a 25-card Electrifying Entrances set, 15 Prestigious Pairings, 10 Catchy Phrases, 20 Ringside Masterpieces, 25 Masters of the Mat and 15 Relics.

5 thoughts on “WWE Topps 2011 Box

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  2. joe says:

    joe dollins i am a long time wwe and wrestling fan i am all so a beth phoenix fan i collcet any thing of her but lets get to the point buy brougth some wwe hobby boxes and retail to

  3. joe says:

    any way sorry if i mess up but when i brought some wwe 2011 hobby boxes and reltail i got big show ringside relic and cody rhodes superstar swatchs and printing plate and will tell any wwe to buy them your right those cards are good

  4. joe says:

    the printing plate was cody rhodes

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