Wrestemania Top 20 Matches Number 5

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April 1, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Hardy boyz vs Dudley Boyz Vs edge and Christain .Tables, Lades and Chairs Wrestlemania 17.

Even though this is classed as the first TLC match in the WWE it was essentially a rematch from the previous years triple threat tag team ladder match.

Featuring the three greatest tag teams from the attitude era and what I consider the second golden age of tag team wrestling after the mid to late eighties.

 The match contained many more death-defying high spots as the previous year, it also featured runs in from Rhyno , Lita and Spike Dudley. The amount of bumps off ladders and through tables are too many to mention , all I would simply say if you havent seen this match go and buy wrestlemania 17 .

The eventual winners were Edge and Christian , just like the year before, but you can certainly contribute matches like this as the reason why Edge Retired last year with severe neck problems , real or not lets any other athletes took risks like these guys.


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