Wrestlemania top 20 matches Number 1

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April 1, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Stone cold Steve Austin vs Bret Hart wrestlemania 13.

Now most people pin point the begin of the Austin rise to superstardom to king of the ring in 1996 however they would be wrong

Not only did this match push Austin through the roof it all got bret hart all the heat in order to become the top heel in the company

The match was contested under I quit rules,large parts of the match were fought around ringside,including Austin choking the Hitman with a ring cable.

The end came when Bret caught stone cold in the sharpshooter after busting him open with the ring bell, what came next was amazing Austin with blood pouring down his face refused to submit eventually passing out through blood loss.

After that match Austin was only ever going to be the biggest star of all time.

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