Wrestlemania 28 predictions

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April 2, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Wrestlemania is about ten minutes away I am very excited and ready for what could be an awesome event, now to the picks:

Team teddy vs team johnny: think that team johnny will win this and take over both raw and smackdown.

Cody Rhodes Vs Big Show:

Cody Rhodes has had the edge over big show in this match and will shows terrible mania record continue? I think so and Cody will take advantage of this going into this match.

team Kelly Kelly Vs Beth Phoenix and Eve:

Team Kelly Kelly should prevail in this match and take advantage of the glamazon for the win.

Randy Orton Vs Kane:

After the long awaited return of Randy orton I think he will win this match which looks like and all out brawl.

Orton has no problem “embracing that hate” and will dominate the big red machine.
Cm punk Vs Chris Jericho :
Chris Jericho looks like a strong contender in this match, especially with the head games and could take the edge in what could be the match of the night.

HHH vs Undertaker

Think that the streak will continue and taker will reign in this equally fantastic bout looking forward to this one as well.

Daniel Bryan Vs Sheamus :

Daniel Bryan is my pick for this one an the awesome heel will retain and keep the great white chasing the title.

John Cena Vs The Rock:

The heat going into this match has been white hot and I think that John Cena will come out on top and defeat the rock in what is going to be the match of an lifetime.

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