Monday Night Raw The night after Mania 2/4/2012

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April 3, 2012 by gorillapressonline

I will talk about Wrestlemania 28 at length at some point but for now I will focus on the night after Wrestlemania and how the post mania wwe looks like spoilers after the jump for both Wrestlemania and Raw.

The show started off with the raw GM and the full roster sat backstage, the now unaimous GM made two matches for tonight’s edition, Firstly a triple threat match for the united states championship Santino would have to defend against Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler.

After CM Punk interrupted Johnny he made a match for punk, The worlds strongest man Mark Henry would get a title shot.

The Rock came out to a ferocious crowd applause and cut another great promo which made it sound like the Rock may be making a few more appearances in the wwe, also later on tonight John Cena will address The Rock after the main event spectacle on Wrestlemania.

The triple Threat match was the first actual wrestling on the card and it had the usual flair from Ziggler who in my opinion is a main event player and needs to pushed to the upper echelon of the WWE.

Typical swagger and Ziggler dominance over the excellent Santino, before Ziggler tried to get the pin and turned the two friends against each other Santino capitalised and used the cobra on Swagger for the win.

Post match Santino distracted the two superstars when they went to attack him in hilarious fashion, only to have the funkasaurus Headbutt Ziggler as he ran and jumped to attack Brodus.

Swagger held back from the melee and the crowd went wild when santio and Brodus danced at the top of the stage which was awesome,I love the Funkasaurus and Brodus has really taken a poor character choice and made the most out of it.

The long awaited Debut of Lord Tensai was next up, it is great to see prince Albert (A-train) back in the wwe I have actually been watching his run with NJPW and he has improved leaps and bounds.

he is accompanied to the ring by Sakamoto who I believe is an FCW talent.

Lord Tensai Faces Alex Riley in his debut match, his ring gear reminds me of Kendo Nagaski which is always a good thing, Tensai also has cool Japanese character marked on his skull which is cool.

Tensai Dominated the match up and showed some great strength manhandling Riley all across the match, The crowd were behind riley in the mid match which was surprising to me, and the referee stopped the match proclaiming Tensai the winner.

I hope WWE keeps doing this building up Tensai as an unstoppable force ultimately facing Sheamus or Big show in a PPV match.

More Cena promo packages ran next hyping the Wrestlemania fallout for later on in the show.

WWE Championship match is up next, The crowd frenzied as usual for the arrival of the second city savior CM Punk, IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME!!!!

I am a huge punk fan as many who read this site regular will know, Punk is holding his back going into the match from his superb match last night with Chris Jericho.

Henry comes out furious in this match stomping and kicking punk around the ring at the start of the match.

Punk tries to fight back with some high knees only to have Henry smash him back down declaring he “own’s you” to Punk as he beats him down. Great build up for Mark Henry and he looks a legitimate danger to Punk.

Punk manages to offload a set of huge elbows as he is trapped in a bear hug and lands a DDT for a close pin, Punk goes up top only to be caught like a ragdoll by the worlds strongest man.

Great Crowd interaction throughout the night and it is great to witness, Henry has Punk trapped in a shoulder nerve lock as punk battles back into the match to no avail.

After an onslaught of kicks and chops Punk once again goes to the top to land the “macho” elbow on the WSM, Mark Henry then stops a running bulldog and launches punk out of the ring and wins Via count-out.

Great way to build up a feud between these two guys and have Punk Retain the title, WSM looked a legitimate threat in the match and this match.

The GM then comes out and says that Punk will regularly be defending the title on RAW, Chris Jericho is on the mic taunting Punk as he is laid on the floor at ringside.

Jericho is saying he is going to have a drink with punk (he also says that he would never drink and drive, which Jericho actually got arrested for)

Jericho then pours booze over the Straight Edge champion! He then told Punk not to drink too much because it would go to his head and smashed the bottle over his head. Great added heat to Jericho.

I Don’t think that punk or the WWE would use actual alcohol in this stunt but great to add that extra heat to jericho and again progresses the white hot feud.

Sheamus is to the ring next only to be interrupted by the returning Alberto Del Rio, Del Rio has been greatly missed in his absence due to groin injury and is welcomed back by this fan.

Del Rio said he has a match on Friday night smackdown, and as his microphone breaks out Sheamus brogue kicks Del Rio and leaves the ring.

Daniel Bryan and Aj are backstage watching, as Josh matthew’s ask’s the former Champion if he is upset only to get no response from Bryan.

A Wrestlemania photo package is shown before The Kofi Kingston Vs Cody Rhodes Match, this should be a great match.

Some great high spots in the early stages of the match and as Cody gains the upper hand big show comes to the ring to show a package video of an embarrassing Cody Rhodes Video from last nights Mania.

Kofi Lands the trouble in paradise and gets the pin.

A backstage vignette with Mark Henry is shown and someone called A.W gives WSM a card and offers to represent him, I am uncertain to who this man is and so is the crowd judging by the “who are you” chant. the new few weeks should reveal more.

Eve The hoeski is to the stage next to boos and jeers, after screwing the long island Iced Z at Mania costing Team Teddy the match. Eve says that it was too easy to exploit Ryder. Looks like the WWE is going to align her too the GM and keep this heel gimmick going.

The Miz Vs Zack Ryder is next, Long island Iced Z looks furious and assault’s the Miz, the crowd is Pro Ryder.

Ryder lands the broski boot for a close call, Miz gets the win in a decent but short match I would love to watch a full program with these two superstars.

The moment every fan has been waiting for is next in this great edition of Monday night Raw as cena approaches the ring to loud boos this crowd is definitely pro Rock.

Cena says he is gracious in defeat and teases a backlash on the fans but says it will never happen, I want to see a heel Cena and the majority of the fans would love too as well.

Cena says he doesn’t want to call out the Rock as they have settled their score at the greatest stage of them all, Cena says he considers the Rock the greatest superstar in the history of the WWE and he is an inspiration, The doctor of thuganomics seems rather humble and gracious in defeat joking withthe crowd amongst boos and jeers.

Brock lesnar is at raw!!!!!

The crowd are going crazy for Brock as he walks to the ring, the crowd are chanting “holy Shit”.

Brock offers his hand to Cena and then smashes him with an F-5! which draws close to this edition of raw.

Overall this episode of Raw was fantastic a bit heavy on the promo and Mania recap videos but that was to be expected,great to see the return of Brock Lesnar and the re-debut of prince Albert and Alberto Del Rio.

Good matches I don’t think there was actually a bad match on this edition maybe a few to many run-ins but that is me nitpicking, I think that any returning curious fans from the mania fallout will have been impressed and I hope that there are a few new fans to the WWE and as always please post your thoughts on this post and all of the site we love to hear from everyone good or bad to help us determine what we can progress on and what we can change.

get commenting and welcome to anyone reading this for the first time.

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