New Japan Cup 2012 NJPW and other indy delights

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April 9, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Over the weekend was the NJPW new Japan cup 2012 and after noticing people talk about it on twitter, @KENTAkicksheads was kind enough to send me a link via Daily motion to the first two rounds of the cup.

I had always wanted to follow NJPW and a few other promotions which aren’t televised in the United Kingdom and I have to admit did not know about Daily motion, upon viewing it I have found a wealth of wrestling gold.

From promotions such as DragonGate USA, DDT, NJPW, NOAH and Shimmer, which I am working my way through there are several hours of footage and I am Sure there is much more on Youtube as well.

I would really like British television to air some of this footage even in compilation form would be good and would open this wealth of alternative wrestling to the masses, the last NJPW event I remember seeing was the WCW/NJPW  back in the VHS age and the quality wasn’t the greatest, I have posted that Starcade 1991 event here which is worth a watch.

Out of the footage I have watched so far the usual suspects feature heavily, Kenta, Hiroko Goto, Karl Anderson, MVP, Giant Bernard (now Lord Tensai in WWE), Prince Devitt and Davy Richards amongst many more.

here is the link for NJPW matches from Daily motion.

Shimmer events also were featured quite heavily on the site after a few quick searches I found some really good Sara Del Rey matches which are worth a watch, she would be an excellent addition to the WWE roster and would bring some wrestling class to the division, fitting in with Beth Phoenix, Natalaya and Kharma in what could be spectacular matches.

Dragon Gate USA and Evolve matches are also easily accessed and the Dragon Gate roster is impressive too and offers a faster paced action with wrestlers like El Generico, Sabu and Low ki as roster entrants.

Older events will turf up matches featuring Daniel Bryan, Tommy Dreamer, La Park, Super Crazy and Jon Moxley (now in FCW as Dean Ambrose and was featured in THAT Video confrontaion with mick foley).

Again Many thanks to @KENTAkicksheads for the link, follow us on twitter @Gpressonline and @skylacker316.

please leave comments and recommendations for matches on the comments below.




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