Ladder Match 2 Crash And Burn DVD review Part one

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April 19, 2012 by gorillapressonline


This second set of ladder matches from wrestling history is a three disc collection with a running time of nearly 8 hours, presented by wwe superstar Christian more than 20 full matches are included from the historic Razor Ramon/ Shawn Michaels bout from Wrestlemania 10 to the Wrestlemania 23 money in the bank ladder match all the way to smoky mountain wrestling and WCW.

The main thing I would like to see that isn’t present on this box-set is interviews from the participants going into the matches to give the viewer a more in depth look inside the ladder match which are exciting high risk matches but the matches are broken up by segments about the following matches and how these have shaped future ladder matches and innovated the gimmick.

The discs are separated into eras, which a nice addition the first disc is focusing on the evolution of the ladder match from 1994 to 2000.

The second disc is entitled a whole ‘nother level and features matches from 2002-2007 and features some pretty decent bouts.

The third and final disc is entitled somebody else’s Yard and features matches from 2008 to the most recent in 2011.

Disc One

The set opens with HBK Razor Ramon possibly the most well known ladder match and needs little explanation here as most fans will have fond memories of this and new fans are in for a treat.

There was actually matches I hadn’t seen before included which is always nice, the first was a short but decent matchup from Smoky Mountain wrestling for a prize of 2500$ between Chris Candido vs. Tracy Smothers.

Matches from WCW which I hadn’t seen before were also present, a fast paced high flying match from 25th January 1997 Souled out between Syxx (wwe’s X-pac) and Eddie Guerrero which was a solid match slightly dotted by some questionable commentary and shaky hand camera footage but that’s me nitpicking.

There’s a huge top of the ladder dropkick from Syxx which is sold well and is worth watching and some other solid spots, Eddie shines as always and is a delight to watch.

An innovative finish with both men holding the title was a satisfactory ending to a decent match from the NWO era of WCW

On a side note after the match check out the guy with the N.W.O logo drawn on his neck brace that’s dedication to the heel faction.

Mankind vs. Big Bossman for the wwf hardcore championship is next on the menu; a typical Raw is War hardcore match with the usual nightstick attacks and run-ins from the Rock and Mr socko.

It’s interesting to see how different the Pg era actually is from today’s product but nevertheless it’s still a nice addition if not on the same level as some of the other matches.

Another Mankind match follows this one against long time nemesis and future tag partner the Rock, from Raw is War 15th February 1999.

The rock shines at the start of the match delivering a Heel promo like the best of them and even then had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hands.

This is also the better of the two Foley matches with chair shots a plenty and Stone cold on commentary, a nice spot in which the Rock knocks Foley off the ladder to get tied in the ropes was pretty impressive to see Foley is a master of taking bumps and it’s no surprise that the hardcore legends knees are shot now!

A small vignette is shown with Christian who does a particularly good job at being host in this DVD and sets up the next match Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon for the control of the World wrestling federation.

King of the Ring June 27th 1999, The McMahon Austin feud was must see TV back in the day and I am a huge Stone cold fan, what shines here is Shane’s fearlessness as he climbs a ladder structure set up here and drops a good distance, Vince also takes some pretty impressive bumps as he is manhandled by Austin, ladders crumple under the sheer force of some of the spots and it all looks pretty convincing even now.

Austin by no means escapes some rough spots taking a particularly harsh drop onto an announce table which doesn’t give and he slides hitting the ground pretty hard.

Vince tries to boost Shane up to get the briefcase in an innovative move for a ladder match, it is astounding to see Vince a 53 year old at the time take some vicious hits and spots and i hope that I’m in as good shape when I’m 53!

As Austin reaches for the briefcase it raises up higher so Stone cold cannot reach it before Shane knocks both Austin and his dad off the ladder.

A really great addition to the DVD set and the handicap scenario added to the excitement and action instead of removing anything from it.

Next was another match i had not yet had a chance to see before another match from WCW featuring 3 count (Tank abbot manager, Shane Helms,Shannon Moore and Evan Karangias) Vs The Jung Dragons (Kaz Hayashi, Yang and Jamie-San) This match was from New Blood Rising 13th August 1999 and was for a Record Contract/Gold Disc.

The match starts with Tank Abbot Singing and has to been seen to be believed as well as Tank Abbot’s awful attire with the nipples cut out of his t shirt.

3 count were set up as a boy band team and was terrible featuring decent wrestlers lumped with a backstreet boys gimmick.

Some pretty decent spots from the Jung dragons with the action varied amongst all participants without the match drawing focus from anyone.

Pretty decent finish to the match up which i presume continued this rivalry in WCW.

The final match of this first disc features the Rated R Superstar Edge and Christian vs The hardy boyz for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

This was the first match on this DVD set of the two teams who went on (along with the Dudley boyz) to re-define the ladder match and created some of the most popular spots from future ladder matches and added a new benchmark to this style of match.

Raw is War 25th September 2000 was the event and the 13 minute match for the tag titles was exciting and is a nice addition to this box-set.

Overall the first disc of this set had some varied matches and there is a mostly solid 2hrs worth of wrestling on this disc, The 3 count match could have added as a special feature to allow room for another older match but I can’t really complain at the level of quality on display here.

Part Two will cover DVD 2 and will be up as soon as I have finished watching the Set.

What are your favourite ladder matches? Any you would like to see that are not on the DVD set? Who is the greatest Ladder match superstar? Get in touch and leave your comments below!

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