Smackdown House Show 20/4/2012 Photos and thoughts

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April 21, 2012 by gorillapressonline


First of all id live to say to everyone who has never been to a live wwe show go now! it’s the most fun live experience any wrestling fan can have, there is nothing better than participating in a YES chant or seeing  you favourite superstar live and I highly recommend it to every fan.

This tour was billed as the wrestlemania revenge tour with matches from the smackdown roster (the Raw roster was in paris tonight I believe)

the crowd was pretty pumped for the event The Great Khali, Mason Ryan and Randy Orton got the loudest pops, alongside the funkasaurus and Sheamus.

Cody Rhodes,Daniel Bryan, Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez got the most heat of the night although the fans were mixed for Bryan. I was marking hard for Bryan great worker and match of the night for me.

The event opened with Jinder Mahal Vs Brodus Clay (with Hornswaggle and the dancers Cameron and Naomi) A quick squash match with Brodus going over and dancing in the ring afterwards and a satisfying opener.

Six Man tag action Followed with Tyler Reks, Curt hawkins and Drew McIntyre facing The Uso’s and Mason Ryan, The Sheffield born Mason went over hard and is a beast in the ring making even T-Reks look small.

Great to see T-Reks and Hawkins too they are quite enjoyable in thier roles on NXT and worked well as a team.

The uso’s did a great job getting the crowd pumped with some pretty fast paced actionand set the tone for the night, Drew is such and underused talent in the ‘E and would benefit from a huge singles push in my opinion.

The good guys went over to a huge ovation.

Alberto Del Rio Vs. The great Khali was next up and the crowd was going wild for Khali! I have no idea why but fair play to them. Rio did a great job of teasing the crowd both pretending to give a young fan his scarf and pulling away to teasing throwing his shirt in the crowd.

Del Rio did all he could with Khali and Ricardo took another decent bump, He always bumps hard and is great one of the highlights of my night.

fortunately Del Rio got the win as it would’ve made no sense to have Khali get a win over one of the top WWE guys.

Diva action was next up with Natayla facing Alicia Fox with Aksana as the guest Ref, both of these divas did a pretty good job, some spots seemed a bit forced but overall was a good match with Alicia stealing the win.

Cody Rhodes came out next and cut a promo about a signing he done in Newcastle about an 8-year-old boy who wanted to see the intercontinental champion not Cody, after usual routine of calling out fans and embarrassing big show.

The giant cut him off coming down to the ring.

Cody ran around the ropes working the crowd avoiding big show which drew some heat, Show called Cody an underwear model and took the mic out of a few fans who were heckling him, Show seemed to be enjoying himself and the match was a Fun addition to the night with some great action and Cody shines as usual here.

Huge slaps to the chest of Cody were decent and sounded pretty nasty from where we were sitting (around 7 rows in block A ringside) and Cody returned soft slaps which got some laughs from the crowd who were very pro Show.

Also lots of Lets go Cody/Cody sucks chants a nice variation on the age-old Cena chant and lots of YES!! chants too.

Lillian Garcia held the microphone over Cody chest as slow slapped him which got a great reaction, show won the match and retained the belt.

Tag team action with the World’s Strongest man Mark Henry and Christian Vs Showtime Percy Watson and Booker T

this was a huge surprise for me as I didn’t know that Booker was wrestling, before the match Booker mentioned he used to be in a tag team called Harlem Heat and that this team with Percy was the NEW Harlem Heat! a few older fans got a huge cheer out of this me included.

Booker and Showtime make a pretty decent tag team but this match felt as if it didn’t have time to develop a good story, but Booker was in great ring shape and Mark henry had some good strongman displays.

Booker and Percy got the win and afterwards Booker again put Percy Watson over declaring him a future superstar great too see Book helping new talent and Percy had improved leaps and bounds from his NXT debut.

Kane and Randy Orton in a no disqualification match was next and Orton got the loudest response of the night by far, a typical no Dq matchup featuring fighting in the walkway and Kendo Sticks and Chair shots (no headshots) and some good spots with close Chokeslam’s and a RKO!

There was a few false finishes and all got good crowd response Randy is a top-notch performer and feeds off the crowd and reacts swiftly setting the pace and action of the match and is a marvel to watch, the same can be said of Daniel Bryan and Sheamus who closed the night in the main Event.

Bryan came out to mixed reaction and got on the mic to announce that if Sheamus was to touch the ref he would lose the championship.

the match was really well paced and great exchanges from both superstars made this by far the match of the night, with both guys going back and forth keeping everyone guessing on the outcome (even though Sheamus was certain to retain the Championship).

Bryan unleashed some vicious kicks and knees to the chest of the great white with audible smacks and visible whelps left, Bryan  got the Yes! lock on sheamus and the crowd went nuts some chanting YES in tandem with Sheamus fans chanting No.

The action lasted around 15 mins and Sheamus got to the ropes and broke the submission, and after a top rope high spot and pin combination got the win with the celtic cross.

After the match had finished I ran to the front of the ring to catch a glimpse of Daniel Bryan one of my favourite wrestlers but was greeted by Sheamus as he jumped into a mass of fans and I ACTUALLY GOT TO TOUCH THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BELT!!!! I know how nerdy that sounds but I don’t even care!

Overall it was a great show with plenty of action considering many of the big name superstars weren’t present (Cena/Cm Punk etc.) but I have no complaints at all and enjoyed the show.

were you at the show?what were your highlights and stories from the event? Leave a comment here or on twitter @Gpressonline Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the photos!








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