Monday night Raw Preview 30/4/12 and Extreme Rules Thoughts

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April 30, 2012 by gorillapressonline

I don’t usually post a preview to a show if it’s not a PPV, but after last nights Extreme Rules PPV and the ending of the John Cena Brock Lesnar Brawl my excitement and anticipation for raw has taken the better off me; if you havent seen extreme rules please note there may be spoilers after the jump.

the show overall was decent with an innovating finish to the Cody Rhodes Big show match and a great bump from Cody post matchup.

Jericho and Punk gave a tremendous street fight to the furiously raucous Chicago crowd.

The main event of the show was nothing short of spectacular, blood; stiff shots and Cena reacting with shoot wrestling was immense. The pace and action of the match was fantastic and had long time fans myself included second guessing if this was actually scripted or if the animosity in the ring was real.

The elbow strikes from the ex UFC superstar were brutal and PG went straight out the window, the match ended up with Cena victorious but at what cost?

John Cena looked bloodied and bruised in the aftermath with a possibly legitimate injury on his shoulder and that speech after the match which left an air of mystery over the heads of the collected WWE universe has made monday night Raw must see Tv this week.


Will Cena retire?is the injury legitimate? what will be the outcome of Brock’s first PPV loss?

As a fan I am anxiously awaiting answers to these questions and cannot wait for Raw.

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