Over The Limit, 3 Hour Raw and other Wrestling Rambles.

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May 18, 2012 by gorillapressonline

firstly I apologise for not updating in a few days, lots has been happening this past few weeks in the wrestling world. Some good, some bad all of it interesting to any wrestling fan and 2012 has proven to be a good year so far for wrestling fans in my opinion.


The return of Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman has caused chaos and uproar throughout the wwe universe but more importantly sparked interest in the happenings of the WWE, The angle with Brock suing HHH has been good with all parts telling an interesting story and I for one am waiting to see the fallout from this.

The use of Paul E has been good and it will keep Brock in the fans mind with his limited appearance schedule and also sets up a match or two with HHH leading to the inevitable Undertaker/Brock at mania 29.

WWE have also re-launched NXT with booker T and Jim Ross on commentary (i believe wll have to double-check) and this could be a smart move for the WWE to generate some more viewers to the show which I enjoy on Sky Sports in the UK.

Monday night Raw is also going to be 3 hours every week from monday the 23rd July, more wrestling is always good for fans but I for one hope that the 3 hour slot isn’t filled with storyline filler and “from the vault” matches.

This change would be the perfect opportunity to showcase some of the mid card talent who don’t get enough television time at the moment and also the inclusion of a decent Tag Team division would be ideal; proper tag teams not just teams with random wrestlers thrown together for a short stint at the titles. The Usos are perfect to lauch this division.

The cruiserweight could also be given some time in this slot before the WWE network (if it ever happens) to showcase a different flavour of wrestling which would spark interest with the ROH/Dragon Gate crowd.

Over The Limit

Over the Limit is this sunday and contains a possible match of the year contender! Daniel Bryan Vs C.M Punk could be nothing short of spectacular handled correctly and given enough time to tell a story and put both guys talents on display they have had some really great encounters on Raw over the year and this is gonna be one to watch and well worth getting the PPV for this match alone.

Speaking of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, ROH have put on their encounter from Reborn Stage 1 and I will link the video here and if you have a spare hour you won’t regret watching it.

The only feeling I get is that AJ may interfere with this match and as much as I like what she has been doing over the period since Wrestlemania I would rather WWE left her out of this one.

As much as I am a Punk fan I think I see Daniel Bryan stealing a win here and becoming the new WWE champion, as much as it pained me to write that.

The plus side of this is we will get to see another PPV match between the two a Submission match would be a fan’s dream the Anaconda Vice vs the YES lock. Stuff of dreams.

Daniel Bryan Vs CM Punk Reborn Stage 1

The Fatal four-way match with Sheamus, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho will also be worth watching with Sheamus costing Orton matches on smack down the rivalry will escalate with the addition of Y2j who has been superb since returning and the recently returned Del Rio who deserves a title run.

I will talk more about Over The Limit when I put up the usual predictions over the weekend.

WWE.com have been putting up some great classic matches via Twitter and have a really great 1000th show feature with videos from the first 100 episodes of Raw which is worth a look.

Monday Night Raw first 100 shows videos and Macho and Vince on commentary is always awesome.

Thanks for reading and as usual follow us on twitter at @Gpressonline and @skylacker316 and leave your thoughts, predictions comments and thoughts here on the comments page.





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