WWE Over the Limit thoughts and predictions

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May 20, 2012 by gorillapressonline

So here it is that time again its WWE pay per view night and as always I would like to share my thoughts and predictions on tonight’s event.


Divas championship Layla vs Beth Phoenix

Not really sure why the company decided to put the gold on a returning Layla, rather than leave the title on the dominant diva Beth, I am hoping that tonight they right that wrong by returning the gold to where it belongs and please lets get Kharma back so we can see that dream match.


Pre-show match on Youtube Kane vs Zak Ryder

Another nothing match not really worth getting excited about, I suppose this would be a chance for Ryder to get revenge for all the crap Kane put him through , in the build up to the big red machines feud with Cena.

After Ryders recent fall from grace I can see this match going only one way , squash match in the favour of Kane.


Tag team title match Kofi and R-Truth vs Dolpgh Ziggler and Jack Swagger

This is yet again the WWE trying to mask the failures of its tag division by having randomly thrown together teams fighting over the gold. Team Kofi for the win with Epico and Primo waiting in the wings under the guidance of AW.


John Cena vs John Laurenitis

Although the stipulations in this match would have you believe that no one will interefere in the match on behalf of the GM, I don’t actually believe this will happen and expect to see Tensai helping Johnny ace to the win.


Fatal 4 way for the World Heavyweight Title

Another example of panic booking and getting as many guys onto a PPV as possible , If we look as this logically Chris Jericho wont win as he is set to leave shortly for Fozzy’s European shows, I for one am highly looking forward to seeing him at Download here in the uk.

Randy orton has kind of been floating around in Limbo since dropping the belt last year to Mark Henry, stuck in pointless feuds with Kane , for this reason I would rule him out.

So that would leave Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio who are the two guys who suppose to be in this match to begin with, as ADB has only just returned and the company have been making the Warrior look really strong since the Royal Rumble , I am gonna go with him.


WWE  Championship match Daniel Bryan Vs CM Punk

The one match I am actually looking forward too. Featuring the two best wrestlers on the rosta by a long way, if they are given 30 minutes plus which does look like a possibilty given the limited number of matches on the card, should be a classic and match of the year contender , given the fact they have never really got behind Bryan and Punk is enjoying an amazing title run and enjoying the full backing of Vince at the moment , Punk will be having his hand raised at the end of the bout , if not the night.


So there it is , and as you can probably tell not really having high hopes for this following an amazing extreme rules event last month, not many matches , Cena and Johnny Ace going on last with guaranteed screw job finish and probably some bonus matches featuring Ryback and Broadus clay (damn Cameron is hot), this whole event rests heavily on the shoulders on CM Punk and Daniel Bryan .





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