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June 14, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Here is a few Wrestling related Articles/links Videos which are worth checking out this week, sorry the blog hasn’t been uploaded in a while but anyway No Way Out is this coming Sunday and I will be talking more about that later on.

An Interesting stipulation has been added to the main event and the extra addition of Vince McMahon is nothing but entertaining to me, I love the VKM character and will be awaiting to see see what he does this coming Sunday.

Wwe.com have posted some good articles this week, and is always worth a read the first one is their regular feature bring it back:


Ring Of Honor have started Uploading full TV Taping to the YouTube channel here is the latest show

ROH TV is always worth a watch and Kevin Steen and the Briscoes are ones to watch. The roster and Action is impressive if not very different from earlier ROH Product.

World Japan Electrified, Explosive Barbed Wire Death match from 2003, Onita vs Koshinaka. 23 min long match is worth a watch(the match actually starts at the 10 min mark) just for the outrageous Barbed wire Rope set-up, they don’t do wrestling like this anymore!

Finally The Ever Awesome MVP in japan Tribute Video by @KENTAkicksheads MVP has an enormous amount of talent and I respect anybody who can turn around and leave the ‘E to pursue a dream of wrestling in Japan. MVP has had a number of high profile matches for NJPW and in my opinion is shining, he was such an underused talent in the WWE and he made the right move by leaving if only to show to the world what he is capable of doing! enjoy the video:

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