BJW Blood and Death History

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June 15, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Since the ECW days I have always been watching “garbage” style wrestling, from CZW cage of death to the infamous Cactus Jack Deathmatches to the downright bizarre scope of things from japan.

Have seen everything from Necro Butcher to Backyard wrestling stunts featuring staples, barbed wire, Rigged Stage explosions to scorpions and Cactus’ used in these matches.

I was recently trawling through YouTube looking for some wrestling to watch and came across this Video compilation from the japanese promotion BJW, I am the first to admit I have seen much of this promotion (Big Japan Wrestling) and was eager to spend the next 2 hours watching this event.

The first few matches feature light tubes used as weapons and things get interesting in the 3rd match with some kind of light tube trap that looks something straight out of a Rambo movie.

The video is NSFW and features lots of bloodshed and violence, but is a spectacle to view

I will Post the other three discs if I can find them on YouTube

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