Resistance Pro Wrestling TV Episode 1

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June 15, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Resistance Pro is a relatively new promotion founded by Smashing Pumpkins frontman and huge wrestling fan Billy Corgan, The first of the TV taping was aired on the 10/6/2012 and the hour-long show is well worth a watch as is this new promotion.

The first match up showcases some great women’s WRESTLING (note i said wrestling and didn’t refer to them as DIVA’s as all can wrestle).

a series of well-edited promos follow the first match one advertising the next PPV Which actually takes place tonight (15th June 2012) and another which advertises a new DVD coming soon, also shown is the first glimpse of the Championship belt which looks rather classy I love the Resistance logo with the Chicago Flag colours it’s a nice touch.

The host of the Show Zach Thompson does a pretty good job here too talking up the Roster and show in between segments, if I had any complaints it would be with the lighting as it comes across a little dark in certain points but im sure the crew will solve these as the taping continue.

Some familiar faces appear in the show too such as Sean Waltman (X-pac) vader, El Generico, Colt Cabana And resistance Pro Champion Harry Smith.

The other Talent on offer here is great too with up and coming stars Taylor Made, PAC (one of the greatest british wrestlers of the last few years) Jay Bradley and much more.

Vader Vs Jay Bradley is a decent match and both men look good here with Vader using the Big man beat down on Jay, Vader gets the win after a Huge vader bomb.

Some more cool promos air after this match and these do a good job showcasing the talent alongside a Harry smith Profile which helps the viewer catch up with recent events, this was a nice addition for a new fan like myself.

A Steel Cage match is up next with Champion Harry Smith vs Rhyno with Raven as the special Ref.

Overall this is a great first show for the new company and I for one will be watching the next show to see more of the action.

The mix of known and fresh talent is great and the fast paced action will make this federation stand above the competitors and I imagine good things to come of this.

you can watch the First episode here:

and be sure to follow @RESISTANCE_Pro on twitter and Visit the Website

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