No Way Out 2012 Predictions


June 17, 2012 by gorillapressonline

WWE PPV No way out is on live tonight and after the unfortunate concussion of Alberto Del Rio we have an amended card, a hobbled together Triple Threat match and a Steel Cage main event which doesn’t look all that exciting apart for the VKM factor.

The good thing about this PPV is the poster! I love this event poster and would love to actually own a print of it!


Pre Show YouTube/ Match Brodus Clay Vs David Otunga

hastily built up on raw/smack down this week I can see this being a quick Brodus Squash with the dancing taking longer than the actual match.

Brodus Clay to win

Santino Marella Vs Ricardo Rodriguez Tuxedo Match

This non title match should be a fun little match although it would be awesome to  see Ricardo win the united States Championship, I expect some Cobra action and one of Ricardo’s crazy bump spots but overall would expect Santino to prevail.

Santino Marella victorious

Diva’s Championship match: Layla Vs Beth Phoenix

Beth should still be the champion for me and have that longest reign title under her belt, she is by far the top women’s wrestler in the company, and Kharma needs to return as soon as possible to help add credibility to the women’s division.

That said I can see Layla Retaining the title and continuing the feud untill the next PPV/Return of Kharma.

Layla to retain the Belt

intercontinental Championship Match Christian Vs Cody Rhodes

this should be one of the top matches on the card tonight with both men giving top class matches as of late, would like to see Cody Regain the title belt he lost far too early.

WWE should have more prestige with the titles have wrestlers hold onto them longer and defend them on a regular basis to build up credibility.

That said I think that the face Christian will overcome Cody and keep hold of that title a little longer.

Christian to retain title.

World Heavyweight Title match Sheamus Vs Dolph Ziggler

this is the aforementioned match which was amended due to the Alberto Del Rio injury, I love Dolph Ziggler and he deserves to be in the main event scene and have no problems with him as champion!

Wwe have been building the great white of late and I expect this to continue after tonight, this should be an outstanding match with Ziggler selling like there’s no tomorrow and some decent spots within.

Sheamus will come out on top tonight and keep the title.

Steel Cage Match: Big Show Vs John Cena

Since the “shock” Big Show heel turn at the last ppv we have seen WWE push Show and I think we will beat John Cena tonight with the added help of Johnny Ace and Vince, I expect some sort of VKM Heel swerve too at some point in this match with the Boss costing Cena the win and adding extra heat to himself and Show in the process.

Could also see Cena being “injured” and stretched out of the arena to add Heat to Show, and giving Cena some well deserved time off but this is WWE and they flog him like a dead horse to keep the merch machine rolling.

WWE could also put Cena Over and keep the crowd against Show by having some sort of DQ/Interference that costs him the match in the process stroking Cena’s ego.

Cena to Win via DQ

Triple Threat WWE Championship Title Match CM Punk Vs Daniel Bryan Vs Kane

This is bar far the match of the night the last two PPV matches between Punk and Bryan have been excellent matches with a good in ring story, Solid pacing and great in ring action.

We have seen Kane have good matches with punk and interactions with Bryan on Raw and Smackdown so this should be interesting add the “crazy Chick” AJ and you have a good story waiting to be told here in the ring.

Sadly this won’t be the main event and it should be but as much as I love Punk’s Title run, I can see an upset here with Bryan earning the title with help from AJ in a swerve turn from the pawn in the middle of this triangle.

Daniel Bryan Win the WWE Championship

One thought on “No Way Out 2012 Predictions

  1. Predictions from the other half of gorilllapress .Big show, CM Punk, Sheamus, Cody Rhodes, Beth Phoenix,Santino and Broadus clay . not really sure how you got Cena by Dq in cage match (@skylacker316)

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