Fully loaded 1998 In your house 23

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June 18, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Fully loaded 1998 was the 23rd in your house event, silver vision have released these classic events on DVD in twin packs and are well worth a purchase.

The show opens with the King hounding Sable in the locker room, getting a preview of her bikini for later in the show.

The wwe was a different beast in 1998 the attitude era had some of the best story lines and in ring action that wwe has ever produced.

Not to say that there wasn’t a fair share of garbage on offer too!

The first match is Val Venis vs Double J Jeff Jarrett, what the hell was JJ ring attire all about?

This was a lead in to the kaientai storyline they did with the big Val bowski and is a short but satisfying match with Val Venis getting the victory.

The match lasted 7:41 seconds

The Now defunct European championship is held by D-lo but isnt up for grabs i this match next with X-PAC vs Dlo Brown.

Chyna Pre surgery is ringside and looks menacing In X pacs corner.

D-Lo is wearing a chest plate which I think was some part of a gimmick he was playing but cannot remember from the top of my head.

1998 had some great feuds with the nation of domination vs DX, D-Lo and X-PAC were both solid mid card workers and results in an enjoyable match with more to come later on with the stable leaders HHH and The Rock going head to head in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

D-Lo Brown gets the win at the 8:30 mark with the Sky High running powerbomb in a great match.

A promo airs backstage saying that The Undertaker hasn’t arrived in the arena yet in time for the Tag match main event.

Tag action follows with Faarooq and Scorpio against Terry Funk and Bradshaw.

Faarooq was ripped in this match an looks I’m great shape, although the crowd aren’t behind the action and all participants look a bit awkward in the match.

Funk and Scorpio take it out to the Ringside and Funk lands an awful move from the ropes which Scorpio struggles to base.

Scorpio and Farooq win the match at nearly 7 min mark about 3 mins too long for my liking, after the match Bradshaw attacks Funk and pretty much everyone else at ringside good to see the old blue chairs in action though.

Poor match overall and hindered the first two matches in my opinion.

Vader Vs Mark Henry follows, a good stiff big man match as King hypes the bikini contest again( for about the millionth time already)

Mark Henry looks in good shape and is miles apart from what he is now, understandably.

Match starts with a good class body check this is hyped as two big men colliding and after a slam attempt which looked a bit cautious from Henry the match gets into a steady pace.

Few close calls by Henry and the crowd is fairly quiet thus far in the event.

Good spot with Vader slamming Henry into the steel steps, Vader goes up top for a big splash which the worlds strongest man kicks out off.

Great powerslam from Henry which ends the match at the 5 min mark.

Decent Big guy vs Big guy match.

Yet another tag match is next with D.O.A vs the legion of doom

Wwf was trying hard to build up its tag division at this time and this card is proof.

Mankind and Kane go to the ring before the D.O.A match to add to the ‘Taker isn’t here yet because he is scared, Paul Bearer shines as usual and mankind’s facial expressions and movement is outstanding here.

The new age outlaws interrupt Kane to set up a tag match for the next night on raw and then proceed to attack the tag champs.

Actual bit of noise as the Outlaws get a pop after the attack, Oh you didn’t know! The Outlaws were over big time.

Onto the D.O.A match, I was a huge legion of Doom fan when I was a kid and this is a typical biker brawl with Paul Ellering helping the D.O.A get the victory at around the 9 min mark.

A pretty innovative and fun match is next with Owen Hart vs Ken Shamrock in Stu Hart’s Dungeon with Dan the beast Servern as guest ref.

I liked both Ken Shamrock and Owen Hart and this is a fun short “MMA” style match

Owen slams into the walls and sells a good wrestling throw from Shamrock, this is a submissions match.

Great suplex from Owen and a good spot with the King of Harts using a overhead pipe to get some leverage on Shamrock.

The guest ref just stands there for most of the match with his awesome moustache on display!

Owen escapes a ankle lock from Shamrock as Jr and the king sell the fact that Shamrock has never tapped out right before Owen knocks him out and uses his own hand to make Ken tap out.

Good finish to a fun short match, Owen truly was one of the greats and it was a tragedy he was taken from the world a year later.

Intercontinental championship on the line in a 2 outta 3 falls match next with the NOD going against DX again.

I really like the Rock when he was in the nation as a brash cocky heel, HHH and Rock had some great matches in this period.

The match had a 30 min time limit and would end up going in the distance, slowing in parts but keeping crowd interest throughout the time.

HHH was super over as a face at this point in time and Rock was getting the crowd behind him in his heel persona and this match leads into the ladder match nicely building up a great feud between the two mega stars.

Good solid back and forth action outside the ring with the usual attitude era spots, railing smashes steel steps shot etc.

The usual Mark Henry/Dx interference got the crowd going again after a brief slow spot which started a “boring” chant.

Lots of close falls and near counts as the time ticks closer to the 30 min mark, The Rock has trip in a headlock for about 3 mins before the New Age Outlaws stop the Godfather from interfering in the match.

Triple H smacks D-Lo brown with the Ic belt only to get a rock bottom in return and The rock gets the first pinfall.

A close return pin for HHH gets a huge pop from the crowd and a good close call when Rocky kicks out at 2, the Rock levels The red with a chair only to knock him out and then Chyna gives Rocky a low blow and DDT on the chair

Hunter ties the match at 1 fall a piece.

As the 30 min mark rolls on the nation and Dx both run to the ring and start brawling in a satisfying end to the Draw.

Bikini contest next with Sable vs Jacqueline this is the infamous “handprint bikini” moment that was plastered everywhere in the WWF.

Good Dustin Rhodes moment before the match with him praying to god about the sin of the bikini match to a dismayed Jerry the King.

Jacqueline is first to the ring with Marc Mero, Sable interrupts her as she tries to disrobe.

Jacqueline is first to show and there’s a visible nipple slip which king draws attention to.

Sable is next to reveal a silver top before giving a promo about live tv and saying there’s nothing Vince can do before revealing just the handprints to a huge pop and a angry Marc Mero.

Jacqueline wins the contest via DQ with Sable getting the loudest pop of the night!

Main event tag action closes the show with Kane and Mankind Vs Stone Cold and the Undertaker for the Tag championship.

Stone cold was Hot in 1998 and everything with the rattlesnake was awesome, he and Kane produce most of the action here, ‘Taker chokeslams both Kane and Mankind at the same time to a huge pop

A fun straightforward slobberknocker to close an overall decent pay per view, Undertaker and Stone Cold win the belts at the 18 min mark.

Overall this was an enjoyable ppv in a time where there was a lot of star power in the WWF and some of the best wrestling action was coming from Raw and all involved.


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