No Way Out Top 5 matches ever.

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June 18, 2012 by gorillapressonline

In order to celebrate  this past Sundays return to WWE PPV for No Way Out (all though  not in February) , i would like to share my favourite No Way Matches, if you have not seen them go check them out , there are some real classics here.


Number 5   Triple H vs Cactus Jack Hell in a cell 2000

This match held for the then WWF title had the Games title on the line vs Mick Foleys career, the match itself followed up the even better street fight at the Royal Rumble the month before and is one of the best Hell in a cell bouts to date.

The match had everything you would expect from a Foley cell match, fighting inside the ring , outside the cell and even on top of the cell, the end came after a awesome spot when Triple H back dropped cactus through the roof and actually broke the ring , and then followed it up with a Pedigree, to bring a fitting end to Mick Foley’s career(Yes I know)

Number 4 Elimination chamber match World Heavyweight Title

Now this was the 2nd awesome Chamber match of the night and was full of shocks and surprises to say the least , the very first came before the match when Edge who had lost the WWE title in the other chamber match earlier that night, attacked and took the place of Kofi Kingston before the match had started.

The next major shock was when the champion going in ,Cena was eliminated mid match after taking a spear , 6.1.9 and a codebreaker.The end finished with a fantastic display between the final two men Mysterio and Edge, put on a real show , with Edge stealing the win after another spear.


Number 3 Kurt Angle vs Undertaker World Heavyweight title 2006

Not the first time these two men had a classic match but one of the only times I can think of when both men went in as faces.

The match featured all the usual big spots you would expect , German suplexes , snake eyes and even a Angle slam through the announce table, the end came when Angle applied the ankle lock which taker turned into the Devils gate choke, all seamed lost for the Olympic hero who someone countered with a jackknife pin fall , one of the only times I remember someone going over clean on a baby face Deadman


Number 2 Triple H vs Steve Austin Three stages of Hell 2001

The climax of an epic feud between these two men, after a long heated build up after it was revealed that it was Triple H all along who arranged for Rikishi to run down Stone Cold , costing him almost a year of his career.

The first fall was a straight up wrestling match,won by Austin , the second was no DQ, won by Triple H and the third was steel cage , this match was fantastic and for me its a real shame these two never got to have that dream Mania main event as it would have been something special.The end of match came when both men struck at the same time with a sledgehammer by the game and chair by the Rattlesnake with Triple H landing on top knocked out but getting the winning fall,


Number 1 Brock Lesnar vs Eddie Guerrero WWE Championship 2004

Not only my favourite ever No Way Out match but still to this day the moment that moves me most when Eddie gets the win and lifts the gold that no one ever thought likely , after battling back from some huge personal issues and even being sacked at one point by the company.

The match was a real underdog story with nobody giving Eddie a chance against the much larger Brock, who had been a real dominant champion for much of two previous years in the WWE.

The end came when Latino Heat hit the Frog splash after an spear from Goldberg , which was revenge after Lesnar had cost him the Rumble match the month before.The moment the ref actually counted three the place became unglued and Eddie actually dived in to the crowd, in what was one of my all time favourite moments in all of wrestling.



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