Quick Update 18/7/12

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July 18, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Again another fairly quiet week for me filled with nothing buy work 😦 just finished watching the Knight Family documentary on C4 in the uk, Its worth a watch to see how different wrestling is across the pond.

The fans at the events made us all look like idiots but the docu was solid and all the family loves wrestling and this comes across throughout, Saraya deserves everything she has earned and is going to be a huge addition to the diva roster.

In other news have been watching some old attitude era dvds so will post some reviews and tidbits regarding that later on during the week alongside MITB and Raw 1000 thoughts when i get the chance.

Thank you to everyone who is still visiting the site (lord tensai is my most popular blog search is that a good thing?)

heres some classic WWE invasion video for you to watch in the meantime

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