Raw Episode #1001

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August 1, 2012 by gorillapressonline

After last weeks 1000th episode spectacular Raw had a lot to live up too and high expectations going into the #1001 show.

An initial real life fire incident delayed the show and the arena was evacuated but once the show started it was worth it, Cm Punk opened the show with another great promo, Randy Orton finally returned from his 60 day suspension and y2j, Miz, and Dolph Ziggler stole the show.

Daniel Bryan and R-truth had one of the funniest segments ive seen in a long time with Bryan greeting Little Jimmy then punting the invisible boy out of the ring to a dismayed R-Truth.

Following that we had great work with a doctor and Bryan testing to see if he was mentally stable, great fun and worth watching the show for this alone.

The only downside with the show is the overwhelming use of various social media applications, Tout, Twitter are heavily featured throughout the night and get more attention than the actual wrestling on display.

A.W made a Kobe Bryant Rape joke live on air on live television too so don’t expect him to have free reign over his promo and mic work in the future that’s certainly not PG.

An increased amount of taped footage from previous weeks is shown as well, I understand this is to fill the new 3 hour allocated time slot but surely we could have more WRESTLING instead?

Overall things are shaping up nicely for SummerSlam and addition of AJ as the Raw GM has been good so far just hope they don’t lay it on too heavy with CM Punk/Bryan getting the brunt of her “actions” every week.

Hopefully with the addition of an NXT Title we may get some title matches tagged on to the start of raw instead of the previous week footage which almost every fan will have just seven days prior to it been shown, the fan interaction twitter polls are a good idea but wish it wasn’t laid on as thick as it is.



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