Sunday Wrestling Rambles 12/8/2012


August 12, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Firstly I would like to thanks you all for continuing to read this blog and helping raise over 4k views! this seems unreal to me only starting this blog a few months ago and it has already come so far which is both awesome and humbling.

I started this as a way to share my thoughts and cool things from the wrestling world and had no idea it would lead me to have published articles in a great wrestling magazine, so for that I would like to thank Alternative wrestling magazine for giving me the opportunity to share my writing with a wider audience, thanks also go to all the people who have taken the time to read and share this blog and the videos I put up which I think are cool.

I have made some great friends here and on twitter due to this blog and even have been recognized by one of my favorite NJPW stars MVP and Great Women’s wrestlers Jessicka Havok and Mia Yim, so thanks to those too.

Also on a funny side note the most searched for term on the blog is lord Tensai?!!!

Anyway enough of the thanks and onto the wrestling! here’s to 40k Views 😉

I have a huge backlog of wrestling to watch over this weekend and with work taking up most of my time I am going to spend most of the day watching PWG and NXT taping to catch up on! RAW was pretty good this week again (minus the TOUT overload as usual) I would rather see more actual wrestling on the show though.

C M Punk’s heel turn is going to be outstanding again I feel he works much better as a heel and am looking forward to Summerslam, best case scenario is he Retains and faces the Rock at the Rumble. I have a sneaky suspicion  that Cena is going to win only to drop the belt to Rock leading into another Mania match.

NXT’s Championship tournament has been really good showcasing some actual wrestling talent in this great bracket style tournament which has been great to watch and in my opinion is the best hour of wrestling on television at the moment.

I haven’t had chance to catch up on TNA the last few weeks so will be speed watching a few of those episodes later on.

Sadly I still haven’t found any of the G1 Climax 2012 event videos yet (other than the press conference) if anybody can help me I would be eternally grateful please leave links in the comments.

on a final note here is a few videos to watch for your Sunday afternoon/morning depending where in the world you are! enjoy and once again thank you for all of your support.


Reby Sky Vs Jessicka Havok MCW

ROH TV Episode 43 Road Rage Edition

2 thoughts on “Sunday Wrestling Rambles 12/8/2012

  1. Wrestle Dojo says:

    I second the need for G1 Climax videos.

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