SummerSlam 2012 Predictions

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August 19, 2012 by gorillapressonline

SummerSlam is on live tonight at 1am (GMT) and the card looks pretty solid, Summerslam always feels special and are usually pretty decent shows. The main event of HHH Vs Brock Lesnar has steadily built up a story despite the limited appearances of Brock due to his contract.

HHH Vs Brock Lesnar

Brock to win this one and hopefully annihilate trip, destroying him and putting major heat on himself leading into the Royal Rumble but this is wwe and im sure we will see Hunter go over in some form.

Brock to Win.

Cm Punk Vs John Cena Vs Big Show

Hopefully we can see the newly turned heel CM Punk retain the title and move into the Royal Rumble to face The Rock, in what would be an epic encounter.

Sadly the likelihood is that Superman Cena goes over and wins the belt only to drop it to Rock at ‘Rumble to win back at ‘Mania so there’s one outcome.

Big show is a pretty good addition to this match and his work lately has been solid but sadly going nowhere, can’t see him taking this one but maybe costing Punker the title and setting up a future angle.

Gotta go with my heart in this one and Pick CM Punk.

Chris Jericho Vs Dolph Ziggler

Another match which im looking forward to Ziggler could steal the show here, with Y2j getting the better of Dolph the last few weeks hopefully we will see the Show off do exactly that and prove he needs to be in the A list bracket of the ‘E.

Dolph Ziggler to win.


Kane Vs Daniel Bryan

Kane is another guy who just seems to be stuck in the mid card but this angle with Bryan has been fun, possibly some stipulation to be added via TOUT or TWITTER wouldn’t surprise me.

Daniel Bryan to win.

The Miz Vs Rey Mysterio

This has potential to be a good little match given the time to expand, Miz has been lacking of late and the newly returned Rey has been dropped out of the main event picture and gives the IC belt some meaning (  a Cody Rhodes Vs Rey feud could be excellent ).

Rey to win this one.

Sheamus Vs Alberto Del Rio

The build up to this one has been fun to watch too, with Sheamus stealing Del Rio’s car, newly appointed GM Booker T cancelling the match, and Del Rio attacking Sheamus at every opportunity.

Sheamus to win and retain the Championship.

The card also includes a Tag team match with the prime time playas facing the Champs R-Truth/Kofi Kingston. Think the champs will retain the belts, the Playas without AW could be interesting and they make a pretty entertaining tag team.


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