Wrestling thoughts and rambles Friday night late edition 13/09/12

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September 13, 2012 by gorillapressonline

I am re-watching Raw as I type this, it was odd to wait for the Daniel Bryan match knowing what happened to Jerry Lawler, I am a huge King fan from back in the non pg days and his early memphis days which after reading his autobio I sought out.

It’s great to hear that he is going to be ok but it got me thinking about wrestling deaths/accidents and how many have actually occurred (I know it could have happened to Jerry anywhere but it happened to be live).

It was odd to actually be faced with something which eventually will happen to us all on this earth during a program which many fans use as escapism from the “real” world (myself included). It also got me thinking about how these superstars who most of us will never have interaction with aside from online, mean so much to us all.

this is the great thing about wrestling and its fandom the ability to connect over the things that we all love, cheer the good guys, talk about how the Heels did this and those OMG moments which we all share.

I have made some great friends and had great conversations just by wearing a wrestling shirt( of by random people in the town shouting “In Punk we Trust” as I walked past in my favourite Cm Punk Tee) or talking about the next big PPV or live events.

Anyway glad to see that Jerry Lawler is going to be ok and that the overwhelming response from wrestlers/fans/friends on Twitter etc. have been a breath of fresh air to me.

A toast to all our fallen heroes may they all rest in the great squared circle in the sky.

until next time thanks for reading.

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