Night of Champions 2012 Predictions


September 16, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Night of Champions is later on this evening from the TD Garden in Boston, John Cena’s hometown. Will this mean Punk will drop to John in the main event? I certainly hope not but have seen worse decisions made in the ‘E. Have really been enjoying the CM Punk heel turn but everybody knows I have always been a huge Punker.

Pre show YouTube match

Battle royal to name the number one contender to Antonio Cesaro’s US Title, this one could be interesting and the good thing about it is a few mid-carders get a PPV payday, Yoshi Tatsu will be proud I’m certain. Other than Santino Marella I have no clue on who the contenders will be (maybe Zack Ryder?) but as usual this should be a good start to the show and maybe sway undecided viewers to purchase the PPV?

Also has the option of an additional title match to be added to the show later on which would be great as I personally like the persona Cesaro has taken on in the WWE.

Diva’s Title match Layla(c) Vs Kaitlyn.

To be honest I would rather be watching Natayla, Beth or Paige in this match but can see Layla Retaining the belt and walking out of Boston champion still.


WWE Tag Team Title Match Daniel Bryan and Kane Vs Kofi and Truth.

Daniel Bryan and Kane have been gold the past few weeks on RAW with the anger management segments have been great fun to watch with the crossover ability of bringing a dysfunctional but successful tag team the logical AND entertaining thing to do would be to give the big red monster and Goat face the tag titles!

Also looking forward to more little Jimmy/Daniel Bryan interaction maybe an invisible hug?

Daniel Bryan and Kane to become the new tag team Champions!

Randy Orton Vs Dolph Ziggler

I have bee saying for months that Ziggler needs a title reign he consistently is having top class matches, could sell sex to a nun and is charismatic to boot. The addition of his money in the bank could see this happen at NOC but history dictates he’s keeping that until ‘Mania.

Since returning Randy has been a little dull, this match could rejuvenate his passion and the Viper could be up for one hell of a match, would like to see Dolph win this one and maybe cash in his Money in the Bank in process possibly adding himself into the IC  match.

Ziggler To win.

Intercontinental Championship 4 way match The Miz(c) vs Sin Cara Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Cody Rhodes.

The feud or Sin Cara and Cody Rhodes will get settled in this match in which Rey and Miz are on board to spice things up a bit, glad to see the Miz back and actually being used he is still a main-eventer for me.

Sin Cara and Mysterio would be better kept as a tag team (the tag division has been entertaining of late) and would see Cody trying to unmask both of them in a two heels vs two faces match, count on Rey to bring a bit of excitement to this match and Cody and the Mix to bring the class and well hope Sin Cara doesn’t botch it all up for everyone.

Rey Mysterio to become the new IC Champ and start a decent feud with Cody/Miz (either would be good).

World Heavyweight Championship Sheamus(c) Vs Alberto Del Rio 

The past few encounters of these two superstars have been fun brawls, but with the addition of the Brogue Kick being outlawed adds an extra dimension to this and gives it a fresh lease of life.

Expect Rodriguez to take a crazy bump, Harvard lawyer David Otunga to get involved somewhere along the line and the Great white to unleash a fury of Brogue kicks #freethebrogue for all you twitter readers! Should be a fun encounter which will wet the appetites for the true main event Sheamus knows how to get the crowd going and should retain and continue his dominance of the World heavyweight Division on SmackDown.

Sheamus to Retain.

WWE Championship Match CM Punk(c) Vs John Cena

A hometown hero that divides the crowd 50/50 a Heel Punk who will stop at nothing to keep the WWE title, Paul Heyman and a red-hot crowd!

these are the ingredients of a hell of a main event. It is about time the most prestigious belt in the WWE gets a main event spot.

Expect this to be fast paced action packed and very vocal everything the WWE universe is great for. Cm Punk has always been outspoken and this night will be no different he thrives on the challenges and defeating John Cena in front of his home fans would please Punk to no end.

Paul Heyman in Punk’s corner will only add to the heat and make things even more interesting, this is the match of the night and the build up has been just as good; having held the Title since last November don’t expect Punk to be willing to give this one up easily.

Punk will Defeat all the odds and leave Boston still WWE Champ and a devastated John Cena in the wake And in the process coming even closer to Cena’s own 380 day Championship Reign.

CM Punk to Retain.










2 thoughts on “Night of Champions 2012 Predictions

  1. Mitch says:

    Tag titles – seems a no-brainer to me.its been a while since they but the belts on a pair of misfits that will entually implode so its a win for Kane and Bryan.

    US title – well who cares because it seems the WWE dont care much by having a preshow battle royal for the #1 comtender for a title held by a poor champ.

    Diva title – time to fast forward through this as per usual.

    Orton v Ziggler – looks an interesting match on paper and i’d be happy for either to wim by a clean finish but i’d have my money on Ziggler to steal this one.

    IC title – Miz for me.they could and should never but a belt on Sin Cara,it would only mean he could injure more people on tv and miss more spots.there doesnt seem to be any good reason to me for Mysterio to win this and Cody has just had a hell of a run with the belt so it would be going over old ground again.

    Sheamus v ADR – i honestly dont buy into either character and get no pleasure watching either but i’ll take Sheamus to find a way to win it without the Brogue Kick.Hopefully at this point Ziggler will come out,waffle him with the case and win the belt.

    Punk v Cena – i have never wanted Cena to win any match and will not be starting it tonight.Punk to get a sneaky win thanks to Heyman to increase his heel role.

    • hope you are right about the Sheamus/Ziggler Dolph should have a championship and I love the days where Ziggler would have two PPV matches, agree with the comment about Punk not going over clean too would be too much of an ask to have Cena look bad in his hometown and not have something to bitch about on raw.

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