Night of champions 2012 thoughts and predictions …by @skylacker316

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September 16, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Okay here it goes my thoughts and predictions on the latest wwe filler PPV

Pre-show battle royal for number 1 contender US title

Bit of a strange one for me to predict given the fact I have no idea who is even in the match , nor I have seen Smackdown for 3 weeks. The man for me who could step up tonight and win and make a huge impact would be Ryback , the guy is being groomed as the next Goldberg and would do well to continue in his footsteps by winning US title gold.

Winner Ryback ( And also to win the gold )

Divas Title Layla vs Kaitlyn

Lets keep this short just like I hope the match will be , Layla to win and hopefully stick the belt back on Beth, please bring back Kharma and Mickie James and get AJ Lee competing again and fix this awful division.

Winner Layla

Tag Title Match Kofi & R-Truth vs Kane and Daniel Bryan

Another title/division that’s been going nowhere, I expect to see the belts switch over to the team I am going to call Anger Management, hopefully they will breath life into the tag scene and hug it out once more.

Winner Kane and Daniel Bryan

Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler

Erm not really sure why this non title match is on this show given the fact its Night of Champions. I Imagine given the idiot booking at times by WWE I can only see RKO going over. Not really booking Dolph very well are we Vince ? How are casual audience going to believe this guy as champion when he stares at the lights every night.

Winner Randy Orton (don’t be shocked if Dolph appears later though)

IC Title Fatal 4 way.. Rey vs Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes vs The Miz

1st things first, expect to see plenty of blown spots by the faceless one but I am begging that he does not defile the great title worn by Randy Savage. Not really sure how or why this match came about, but expect to see plenty of focus on Cody trying to take Botch Cara’s mask, and Rey also showing him what Lucha is really all about, while all this is going on Miz will steal a win.

Winner The Miz

World Heavyweight Title Alberto Del Rio vs Sheamus

For the 789th time, well at least it feels that way . This has been a really good feud classic, rich guy vs hooligan, plenty of interference by Ricardo and even David Ottunga getting the Brogue kick barred in the build up, think Sheamus will still win and continue his title reign, but maybe not past the end of the night.

Winner Sheamus

WWE Title CM Punk vs John Cena

Finally, CM Punk gets to Main event a PPV ! Almost 300 days into now epic title reign , many are expecting to see Cena take gold in his home town of Boston but they are wrong. With his new/old Heel persona and possible Paul Heyman in his corner, Punk will retain and continue towards putting the Rock over at the Royal Rumble.


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