WWe Topps 2012 Trading cards

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September 30, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Topps have released this years WWE main product a few weeks back ( I know I’m late sorry) and haven’t actually had the chance to get some sent to me?!! if any USA Readers would like to send me some for review id be very happy (Cheap plug).

The checklist and info is featured below and the WWE Legends autos are of particular interest to me id love to pull a Roddy Piper or a Gorilla Monsoon!

There’s a few insert products id love to get my hands on too, anyone who is a regular reader knows I’m a CM Punk guy so would love his best matches set.

The Three Faces of Foley base Red Variants are of particular interest too as are his Autographs series!

I love the Card design on the base set and will be getting a box sent over from the USA to open and collect (I completed Last years set of base cards and a few Superstar relic cards).

The Diva’s Kiss cards are going for ridiculous amounts on Ebay already too.

Would love to hear from anyone who has bought some of these cards on all the goodness I’m missing out on being in the UK!


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