Hell In a Cell 2012 Predictions

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October 28, 2012 by gorillapressonline


The HIAC PPV is on tonight and although the card isn’t as “stacked” as some other events I think this could have a few decent matches accompanied by a main event which has screw job ending written all over it!

Will Cena cost Punk the belt and help the unstoppable Ryback, Will Punk retain and end the streak clean? I can’t see either happening so will just have to wait like the world and see what ending the WWE decides to go with.

The Miz and Kofi kingston match could be a decent little match, I am a fan of both guys but would see Kofi retaining and holding that IC belt a little longer and adding a little extra something to the Feud.

Kofi Kingston to retain

Theres a Diva’s triple threat match which to be honest im not really interested in they don’t give the Diva division enough credibility and reason for fans to stay interested. This disappoints me as there are a wealth of talented women WRESTLERS out there who would be a great addition to the WWE and deserve a shot on the “big stage”

that being said I want Layla to win the championship back now.

Layla to win.

Sheamus vs the Big Show is another match which I don’t really want to see would rather watch Dolph Ziggler or Wade Barrett instead of Show in this match as I really like Sheamus and want to see him as a legitimate champion although I feel he’s not quite there yet.

Sheamus to win

Team Hell No Vs Team Rhodes Scholars,  this will be a good match maybe even a show stealer? Kane and Daniel Bryan have been the best thing on TV for weeks and Sandow and Rhodes are excellent heels, This could be a great match.

I am all for long title reigns and want Team hell No to have the belts a little longer, The tag division is showing signs of live now could this be the start of a resurgence of Tag action?

Team Hell No to win.

Randy Orton Vs Alberto Del Rio, Del Rio to me feels in a bit of slump lately he doesn’t seem to be doing anything of note and almost feels lost in the cracks of late.

Randy could bring out the best in Alberto and this match could have a lot of potential if it does or not is another matter and we will see come the end of it, could be great could suck the life out of the crowd.

I like Ricardo though and his bump taking ability is unreal so there is that.

Randy Orton to win.

The main Event Punk/Ryback title/Streak now I am as you all know am a huge advocate of CM Punk in general and want him to keep the title and stay Heel for as long as possible. Yes I know he will probably lose it to The Rock at Rumble so Cena can win it at mania in another “once in a lifetime”match but a guy can hope right?

That being said this has Screw Job written all over it, which way with the screw job go that’s the twist (although the real shock would be either guy going over Clean)

Expect either a Cena Run in (a ppv card without Cena? I don’t belive that one bit).

Screw job ending (would rather Punk retains but have no hopes held at all)hopefully im pleasantly wrong and will be eating these words after an excellent finish to a great match.






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