Top 5 Moustaches in wrestling Movember special

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November 4, 2012 by gorillapressonline

So in honour of Movember which in case you don’t know is an event held every November where men all over the world grow a stash throughout the month , no beards allowed anyone can be lazy and not shave an actual moustache requires time and effort .

Before we get to the top five please visit my movember page at , and follow my progress as I try and raise awareness for male cancer charities .

thanks @skylacker316


Number 5 Magnum TA


Not only did Magnum TA have awesome facial hair he was a fantastic wrestler who held the US title during the NWA days in the mid 80’s , many believe he would have been the next major star and world champion to break out in the NWA if his in ring career was not cut short by a tragic car accident.


Number 4 The Blackjacks


As the picture states these legendary former WWWF tag team champions made it to the WWE hall of the fame , I believe they should be in the gentleman’s facial hair hall of fame.


Number 3 Ravishing Rick Rude


In my opinion Rick Rude is easily in the top five wrestlers never to have held a major world heavyweight title. Often overlooked and thought of as a guy with just a great body ,Ravishing Rick was much more than that. As well as being a fantastic worker in the ring check out his matches with Sting , he also rocked the most manly of Moustaches.


Number 2 Hulk Hogan


Most people would be expecting to see the Immortal one at the top of the list but I feel he only deserves the number two spot , The man who had a massive role in the first real boom period in wrestling and also reviving WCW in the 90’s has also done a huge amount for male facial hair.


Number 1 The Iron Sheik


Easily the best Moustache in wrestling history from the man who has gone on to be one of the most offensive rambling lunatics in the history of twitter and the internet in general.




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