TNA Turning Point 2012 Predictions

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November 12, 2012 by Thomas Robinson

Woo woo woo… TNA Turning Point is tonight!

Hey guys, tomrobinson5199, guest blogger, blogging on the Gorilla Press Online Blog here, with my predictions regarding TNA Turning Point tonight!

Yes, TNA’s first pay-per-view offering since Bound For Glory, which was a quality production with amazing matches through-out the event.

Turning Point has 8 matches on the card, the same as Bound For Glory, and on paper it seems like the great card.

This is the first pay-per-view since Aces And Eights got full access, and two members, Devon and DOC (Luke Gallows), are in action, as the Aces And Eights storyline has picked up the pace, especially with Sting getting attacked by DOC, who unleashed Hammer Time on Sting, and left him laying. I also heard a rumor that the leader of Aces And Eights would be revealed at this event, so there maybe a MAJOR development in the storyline tonight. Will Eric Bischoff appear? Ohhhhh….. the excitment!

Any way… Predictions time!


TNA X Division Championship

Rob Van Dam (c) vs Joey Ryan

Match Background: Joey Ryan won a full-time TNA Contract at Bound For Glory, by defeating Al Snow with help from the randomly-showing-up-all-over-the-place Matt Morgan. While Morgan was threatening Hulk Hogan every week, Ryan turned his attention to the NEW X Division Champion Rob Van Dam, who defeated Zema Ion for the title at Bound For Glory, and defeated Ion again two weeks later. After RVD’s title defense, Morgan delivered a big boot to RVD and Ryan held the title up high with his intentions very clear. Ryan would go on to defeat RVD a week later in a non-title match, to earn a title shot against Mr Pay-Per-View at Turning Point.

What Should Happen?: Actually surprised that they had Joey Ryan challenge for the X Division Championship so quickly after getting a TNA Contract at Bound For Glory. Shouldn’t he just have minor feuds first before giving him a title shot? Build him up, then give him the shot. That’s how it should be. If TNA put the X Divison Title on Ryan this quick, then it would really diminish the credibility of the X Division Championship, with him being so early into his TNA career. I think Ryan is a very good piece of talent, but he needs to be built up a lot more better before he wins the title. RVD should win.

What Will Happen?: RVD wins. I’d be very surprised if they have RVD lose the title a month or so after winning it. Being a big-name talent in TNA, him holding the belt at the moment will do a great deal for the prestige of the belt.


Tara and Jesse (Who the fudge is this guy?) vs ODB and Eric Young

Match Background: At Bound For Glory, Tara defeated Miss Tessmacher to become the NEW TNA Knockouts Champion. After the match, she revealed to the world the identity of her Hollywood Boyfriend… Jesse from American Big Brother (I ask again, who the hell is this dude?). On the Impact Wrestling after BFG, ODB (who’s husband Eric Young is apparently missing) defeated Tara in a non-title match. The next week, Tara retained her Knockouts Championship in a rematch from BFG against Tessmacher. Following the match, Head Of The Knockouts Division Brooke “No-one Gives A Craps About Me” Hogan told Tara that ODB had made a challenge for Open Fight Night the next week… with Jesse (who the heck is this guy?). Jesse managed to defeated ODB with help from Tara, but the next week a match was made for Turning Point with Tara and Jesse facing ODB and the returning Eric Young to see who really is the power couple in TNA.

What Should Happen?: Honestly, I don’t care. The Tara/Jesse relationship storyline is stupid, the Eric Young/ODB storyline is even more stupid. Tara should at least be defending the Knockouts Championship against someone at Turning Point, but instead is in a mixed tag match. Tara vs ODB would have been OK, since the title was on the line. But no. They had to put in this reject from the American version of Big Brother and Eric Young for what I suspect will be a very horrible tag team match.

What Will Happen?: I’m gonna say Eric Young and ODB win, but whoever wins this match won’t make much difference to the storyline.


TNA Television Championship

Samoa Joe (c) vs Magnus in a No-Disqualification Match

Match Background: These two used to be tag team champions earlier on in the year. But since then, They’ve had a bit of a falling out. Samoa Joe defeated Magnus at Bound For Glory to retain the Television Championship. Three weeks later, Magnus got a rematch for the Television Championship on Championship Thursday (nice concept), but got intentionally DQ’d. After the match, an pissed-off Samoa Joe challenged Magnus to a No Disqualification match. The match was made for Turning Point.

What Should Happen?: Samoa Joe wins and this feud finally dies. I’m getting pretty bored of Samoa Joe and Magnus facing each other all the time. Magnus should move on to a feud with someone like Mr Anderson. He’s got the credentials needed to be a star in TNA. They just need to use him well.

What Will Happen?: Samoa Joe wins and this feud finally dies. What else could they possibly do with this feud?


TNA Tag Team Championship

Chavo Guerrero (c) and Hernandez (c) vs Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

Match Background: Chavo and Hernandez won the tag titles off Daniels and Kazarian at Bound For Glory. Daniels and Kazarian then began talking about being victims of a conspiracy (Is it me or are conspiracy storylines used way too much in Professional Wrestling?) and began taking a dislike towards Mexicans, even challenging Hector Guerrero and his fellow Spanish Broadcast Announcer to a fight, before they were saved by Chavo and Hernandez. A rematch between the team of Daniels and Kaz and the team of Chavo and Hernandez was made for Turning Point.

What Should Happen?: Even though the conspiracy angle is so over-used in wrestling, I think with Daniels and Kaz it could really go places. Them two are like Awesome Truth, they do have the potentially to be a major factor in TNA, especially with the Aces and Eights Storyline. So with that being said, they shouldn’t really win this tag match. Chavo and Hernandez should wins.

What Will Happen?: Chavo and Hernandez retains. They JUST won the belts. They won’t drop them back to Daniels and Kaz.


DOC vs Joesph Park

Match Background: Joesph Park was abducted by Aces And Eights a couple of months ago, after telling Hulk he had some strong evidence against Aces and Eights. He was released from his abduction when Aces And Eights won access to Impact Wrestling. Park then used Open Fight Night to challenge any member of Aces And Eights to a fight. Unfortunately, 4 members of Aces And Eights showed up instead. Park was rescued by Sting and Kurt Angle. Park would try to jump a member of the crew, and that resulted in the member of the crew being unmasked. That unmasked member (who was Luke Gallows in WWE) would then chokeslam Parks through a table. The next week, the unmasked member was put on notice by the rest of the group, who referred to him as their Director Of Chaos aka DOC. DOC teamed up with Devon to take on Sting and Kurt Angle in a tag match, in order to prove his value to the group. After Devon and DOC got DQ’d, DOC was given a hammer by a member of the group and pummeled with the hammer, which I thought was a really well done segment. Nice job TNA! On the same night, Hulk Hogan, after some initial refusal and persuasion from Bully Ray, let Parks compete against a member of the Aces and Eights, which would be confirmed to be DOC, at Turning Point.

What Should Happen?: Here’s my deal. If Parks were to beat DOC, that would make DOC seem pretty weak even if someone like Bully Ray helps Parks. Aces And Eights need to show that they pose a threat to TNA, and if DOC, the so called Director Of Chaos, loses to someone that is supposed to be a lawyer, then how bad does that make him look? Since he destroyed Sting last week, DOC needs to win, but perhaps Bully Ray assaulting DOC afterwards could lead to a feud between them two which I think could be very good for the Aces And Eights storyline, and for Bully.

What Will Happen? I think they’ll have Parks beat DOC after interference from Bully Ray.
Kurt Angle vs Devon

Match Background: Devon was revealed as a member of the Aces And Eights at Bound For Glory, and he said the reasons for doing were for Hulk Hogan and TNA management treating him bad. Devon has come off as a prominent member in the group and orchestrated an assault on Kurt Angle after his defeat to Jeff Hardy on Championship Thursday. An enraged Kurt Angle demanded a fight with Devon on Open Fight Night, but since he was already scheduled to fight Bully Ray that night, Angle was instead given a match with Devon at Turning Point.

What Should Happen?: OK, why is Devon fighting Kurt Angle instead of Bully Ray, who isn’t even on the card? That’s the match that makes sense. Kurt Angle just got randomly thrown into the mix. Anyway, I think Devon should win this match. I actually don’t think Aces and Eights have actually won a match since getting full access to TNA. Devon should win, and fight Bully Ray at Final Resolution.

What Will Happen?: Devon wins. TNA would be stupid to have Kurt Angle beat Devon. That would hurt the group’s credibility if an important member like Devon loses.


Number One Contendership Match For The TNA World Championship. Whoever is pinned or submitted will not get a World Title Shot until Bound For Glory 2013.

AJ Styles vs Bobby Roode vs James Storm

Match Background: AJ Styles, who had been dealing with Daniels and Kazarain for the last year and a half, finally focused his attention to the TNA World Championship. But so did Bobby Roode, who became eligible for a World Championship match after Austin Aries lost the World Title at Bound For Glory. However, Roode had lost to James Storm at Bound For Glory in an epic street fight to apparently end their feud for good. General Manager Hulk Hogan then made a match between the 3 former members of Fortune (Styles, Storm and Roode) for Turning Point, to crown a new number one contender for the World Title. However, a big stipulation was added to the match. Whoever is pinned or submitted in that match will not get another shot at the TNA World Championship… until Bound For Glory 2013.

What Should Happen?: What a stipulation! A really interesting twist to the match. To be honest, I don’t think any of these men can afford to have year away from the title picture. AJ Styles has been feuding with Daniels and Kazarian for so long, having him go a year away from the title picture would be pretty insulting to AJ in my opinion. Bobby Roode is the best heel in the business, and has just come off a ban from a World Title Shot, and I think Roode is too good a talent not to be in the mix. James Storm is also someone that needs to be back in the thick of the title hunt. I think Storm is destined to win the World Title soon. I mean… what’s he going to do for a year if he’s not in the title hunt? I think… AJ should become the number one contender and James Storm gets pinned.

What will happen?: This is just a wild guess. AJ wins, and Bobby Roode gets pinned. I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen!


TNA World Championship

Jeff Hardy (c) vs Austin Aries in a Ladder Match

Match Background: Jeff Hardy defeated Austin Aries at Bound For Glory to win the TNA World Title. Aries would congratulate Jeff on the Impact after BFG, bringing him balloons (which blew away) and cookies (which Jeff didn’t want). Aries also told Hardy that Hulk Hogan would let Aries choose when his rematch would be. After a week’s deliberation, Aries attacked Jeff and told him that their rematch would be at Turning Point, and he took the original TNA World Title with him. The next week, Jeff wanted their match at Turning Point to be a Ladder Match.

What Should Happen?: Austin Aries Wins The World Title Back. Jeff Hardy is nowhere near the World Title picture again. And TNA is saved from the era of Jeff Hardy.

What Will Happen?: Jeff Hardy retains. -.-


Having trouble deciding whether to stay up and watch it live or wait until tomorrow to watch it. I’m up at 7-ish so staying up to watch it would be a REALLY big risk. Hehehe

Either way, I’ll watch it. And sometime this week, I’ll review it. And hopefully it’s a good PPV. Really looking forward to it!

Remember to follow me on twitter @TomRobinson5199 and I’ll see you next week!

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