TNA Turning Point 2012 Review – The Pay-Per-View Of Risk

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November 12, 2012 by Thomas Robinson

I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. Last night, TNA gave us a good set of matches last night with their Pay-Per-View Turning Point. I’m gonna tell you guys what my thoughts on the PPV are… and what affect it will have on the future.


Samoa Joe (c) vs Magnus in a “No Disqualification” match for the TNA Television Championship

Yeah this was supposed to be No Disqualification, yet it didn’t feel like one. One of the rare No-DQ moments in that match was a chair being used… once. Also, why did Magnus drop a chair when Samoa Joe performed a dive over the top rope, rather than actually using the chair? Doesn’t make a lot of sense. However, I did like the ending to that match, with Magnus kicking out of the Muscle Buster from Joe. That made Magnus look really good. Joe eventually won the match when Magnus passed out from the Rear-Naked Choke. I think this match was slightly better than your average match between these two. But, I do hope this feud ends. It feels like these two have feuded for decades. A pretty good start to the PPV though.

Eric Young and ODB vs Jesse and Tara

A comedy match – pure and simple. It was nice seeing Eric Young back. He’s actually a slick performer, and was slick here with his exchanges with Jesse. One thing I noticed was that Tara was rarely involved in the match – not even with ODB. At least in TNA Mixed Tag Matches, Females and Males can actually wrestle each other unlike in some companies. ODB and Jesse did a lot of work with each other during the match. For what it was this match was really good.

Rob Van Dam (c) vs Joey Ryan for the TNA X Division Championship

OK match, but Joey looked really bad in this match. I mean, one time during the match, it took him 15 seconds to do a roll up on RVD which looked really sloppy. I don’t really know why that was so difficult for him to do. RVD won the match. I do hope RVD gets some better competition for the X Division Title. Oh… and Matt Morgan, who was banned from ringside by Hogan, booted RVD in the face after the match. As much as an RVD vs Matt Morgan feud sounds appealing, RVD should really defend his title at the next PPV. Morgan should split from Ryan though. I do hope something happens with the Morgan storyline.


DOC vs Joseph Park

I was actually very entertained with this match. It started off like a game of cat and mouse, with DOC chasing Park, and injuring himself in the process. While I couldn’t have expected anything different, making DOC look like a Calamity Jane doesn’t really help his or the Aces And Eights Group’s credibility. I thought it was pretty funny when DOC kept calling Park a bitch as he beat him down. In the end, DOC hit Park in the head with what I believe was a belt buckle. Of course, Park bled. And of course, Black-hole Slam. Just like after his match with Bully Ray in July-ish. However, DOC kicked out of the Blackhole Slam, which really caught me off guard. Good way to make DOC seem tough. DOC would beat Park after a Chokeslam. DOC then continued a beatdown on Park when, unsurprisingly, Bully Ray made the save. I think it was important to have DOC win, and to be honest, this match was really entertaining.

Chavo Guerrero (c) and Hernandez (c) vs Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

For a 2nd consecutive PPV, a very good tag team title match. These 4 put on a hell of a show out there, and the ending to the match was really good too. These 4 work really well together, and its good to see improvement in the quality of tag team matches these days. WWE and TNA. Both companies now acknowledge how serious the tag titles need to be taken, and it’s become a contest over which company can top-trump the over in the tag team division, and TNA provided a really good showing. Chavo and Hernandez are gonna have really good run as champions, as long as they get given good competition. Great stuff here.

James Storm vs AJ Styles vs Bobby Roode – Winner becomes the number one contender for the World Title. The man who gets pinned doesn’t get a title shot until Bound For Glory 2013

2nd Best Match of the night. A really solid affair. These 3 had real good chemistry, and there were some great spots in that match. Finisher after finisher until finally Storm pinned Styles to become the number one contender. This leaves Styles out of the title picture for a year, which he was really distraught about.  I have a strong feeling that he’s going to turn heel. TNA is lacking with main event heels, and Styles having another run as a heel would be pretty cool. I personally think he should have won the match, considering the crap with Daniels and Kazarian he dealt with over the last year and a half now. What I would do now with Styles is have him rejoin the X Division. Hey, I said earlier RVD needing some better competition, and who could be better than the “Phenomenal” AJ Styles?

Devon vs Kurt Angle

Yawn. This match wasn’t exactly an exciting match. Just could not get interested in this match at all. But that wasn’t my problem with the match. My problem is the ending. Kurt Angle making Devon on tap out within seconds of locking in the Ankle Lock near the end. Afterwards, Aces And Eights ran into the ring, and swore revenge. REALLY? I said in my predictions post last night: “TNA would be stupid to have Kurt Angle beat Devon”. I stand by that statement, because how bad does the group look now that their “Sergeant In Arms” tapped out in seconds to the Ankle Lock. Devon and Aces And Eights needed to win to keep the group’s credibility up. Ridiculous booking. I mean, look at Aces And Eights Record since gaining full access to TNA…

Aces And Eights Record Ever Since Gaining Full Access To TNA

Won: 1 (DOC’s win over Joseph Park)

Lost: 3 (Devon’s DQ loss to Sting 4 weeks ago, Devon and DOC’s DQ loss to Sting and Angle last week on Impact and Devon’s loss to Angle here)

No Contest: 1 (Devon and Bully Ray’s “Match” 2 weeks ago)

Yep, not a good record considering that their only victory was over a “lawyer”. Let the group win something.

Jeff Hardy (c) vs Austin Aries in a Ladder Match for the TNA World Title

A great spot-fest to end the night. Match Of The Night no doubt. In fact, this match has been the best ladder match I’ve seen in Pro Wrestling since the Edge vs Jeff Hardy match at WWE Extreme Rules 2009. Other than some issues with two of the ladders breaking, these two put on a great match. Credit to Jeff. He did really well in that match, and he took some hard bumps. It’s hard for me to praise Jeff at all considering my dislike towards him, but I have to give credit where it’s due. Jeff was awesome in that match. Aries was good as well. It was hilarious when Aries used some sort of Gadget to raise the belts higher when Jeff was about to win the match. That was some great stuff right there. Jeff won the match. This match had some amazing spots, and this match has been one of my favorite matches this year. Not gonna lie.

Overall, it was a decent PPV. It was never gonna live up to Bound For Glory, but it was a good show. The Devon vs Kurt Angle match did damage the PPV’s quality slightly, but the main event and the triple threat were both superb. TNA did a good job with this PPV.

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