16/11/12 Impact Wrestling Review/Reactions – It Pays To Be Roode

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November 16, 2012 by Thomas Robinson

You didn’t read that wrong. Although James Storm did win the triple threat match involving himself, Bobby Roode and AJ Styles at Turning Point to become the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, he is NO LONGER the number one contender following a defeat to Bobby Roode on this week’s IMPACT Wrestling episode.

Roode vs Storm

Allow me to explain. You see at the start of the program, Storm cut a promo about how he finally got his shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Title, and that he was going to become the World Champion – pretty much the same stuff he’s been saying for the last year or so. In comes Bobby Roode, who was saying stuff like Storm achieved success off of Roode’s hard work, and tried to goad Storm into putting up his number one contendership on the line against him that night. Storm refused initially, but Roode came out and said that when Storm’s daughter turns 18, she should call him up to see who a real man is. This pushed Storm over the edge, and the match was set for later on that night.

So, fast-forward to later on, Roode and Storm face off in a short decent main event, and by bouncing Storm’s head off an exposed turnbuckle, and rolled him up while grabbing his tights for the victory. I got to admit, for a match that is supposed to determine who faces Jeff Hardy at Final Resolution for the World Title, this didn’t seem like a long match. Nevertheless, what’s done is done and as it stands, it’s Jeff Hardy defending the TNA World Title against Bobby Roode at Final Resolution.

No doubt, a match between Storm and Hardy would have been a great encounter, but a Face vs Heel match for a PPV makes more sense, so I’m glad Roode is now the number one contender. Of course, they may do a segment in which James Storm gets reinstated as part of a triple threat match by Hulk Hogan. However, that seems unlikely considering that would be Roode and Storm’s 2nd triple threat PPV match in a row, and they wouldn’t want to over do it. The surprise change of plans was a good way to go, because it adds unpredictability to the product.


Aces And Eights

Also on IMPACT WRESTLING, the Aces And Eights storyline continued with the group attacking a man determined by a dart-throw (like with Kurt Angle’s attack about a month ago). And the victim was… Magnus. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a heel to be taking out. I was expecting someone like Samoa Joe to be taken out. And they did this beatdown well. A TV Championship match was scheduled between Samoa Joe and Magnus for the hundredth time, and as Magnus approached the ring, Aces And Eights attacked. And then, reminiscent to the attack on Sting a week ago, DOC unleashed the hammer of doom, and attacked Magnus’ knees. Ouch. Just as it looked Devon was about to take Magnus’ head off with a baseball bat, Bully Ray made the save. I like this idea about Aces And Eights attacking people with hammers. It makes them seem more sinister and ruthless…

However, once again their momentum gets cut short by ANOTHER defeat, as Devon and masked member “The Prospect” were beaten Kurt Angle and… ahem Garrett Freaking Bischoff. Now, for you guys allow me to show you the updated standings of Aces And Eights’ win/loss record in TNA ever since gaining full access at Bound For Glory…


Aces And Eights Record Ever Since Gaining Full Access To TNA

Won: 1 (DOC’s win over Joseph Park at Turning Point)

Lost: 4 (Devon’s DQ loss to Sting the night after Bound For Glory, Devon and DOC’s DQ loss to Sting and Angle last week on Impact, Devon’s loss to Angle at Turning Point, and Devon and Prospect’s loss to Angle and Garrett Bischoff here)

No Contest: 1 (Devon and Bully Ray’s “Match” 2 weeks ago)

Yeah, way to make Aces And Eights seem like a threat


DOC was also made a fully-fledged member of Aces And Eights before the night ended. At first it seemed like DOC was getting kicked out of the group, as a member told DOC to “not let the door hit him on the ass on the way out”. But as he opened the door, an Aces And Eights jacket was in his way, confirming his spot in TNA.

But seriously TNA, let Aces And Eights win a match for the love of god.





Mickie James Returns And Becomes The Number One Contender For The Knockouts Championship

Yes, Hardcore Pornsta… I mean Hardcore Country Mickie James returned from some sort of injury about 3 months ago and won a 5 woman battle royal featuring herself, Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Miss Tessmacher and ODB to win a shot at Tara’s Knockout Championship. It was nice that the women in that battle royal were all established former Knockout Champions. Really adds to the prestige of the title. Also, considered how well they’ve worked together in WWE and TNA, it’ll be good to see Mickie James and Tara face each other again. Them two work really well together.


AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels Agree To Fight For The Billionth time

AJ Styles made his first appearance since losing the triple threat number one contendership match, which resulted in him being banned for getting a World Title shot for nearly a year. What I was expecting to be a heel turn from AJ turned out to be ANOTHER AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels confrontation. Daniels came out and said that Styles was a failure and stuff, and Styles then issued a challenge to Daniels for “One Final Match”, which Daniels agreed to.

NO! Why on earth are these two feuding again? WHY! All Daniels and Styles have done since Destination X 2011 is feud with each other. I mean, I know these two have brilliant matches together, but seriously these two faced each way too much over the last year and a half. God, give them something else to do PLEASE!


Rob Van Dam vs Kid Kash

Incredibly short but still quite effective match between these two ECW veterans for the X Division Championship, with RVD retaining the title, as expected.
Joseph Park Decides Go To Wrestling School

Wanting another match with Aces And Eights, Joseph decided to go to Wrestling School in order to prove to Hulk Hogan he deserves another match with him. There are two things which could result from this:

One – They start doing segments of Parks having Wrestling lessons, similarly to how WWE started showing Anger Management sketches involving Daniel Bryan and Kane. It adds a bit of Realism to the program and it might be a bit funny if wrote correctly.
Two – The Joseph Park character leaves TV for a while, while Abyss returns, possibly to avenge his brother’s beatdown from Aces And Eights. It’d be a bit refreshing to see the Abyss character back, and the Joseph Park character is getting a little stale.

Other things included the Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries feud ending with their last confrontation in a locker room (for now) and Jesse defeating Eric Young.

An OK episode of IMPACT. I think things will pick up with Open Fight Night next week. I love the Open Fight Night concept. I really look forward to these episodes of Impact. The 4 guys who won Gut-Check will be appearing next week and Austin Aries will call someone out.


Again, thanks for reading guys, and please follow me on twitter. My username is @TomRobinson5199 and I will see you next time. :)

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