22/11/12 Impact Wrestling Review/Reactions – Great Night Of Wrestling Spoiled By Soap Opera Stroylines

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November 23, 2012 by Thomas Robinson

Yep, the beloved Open Fight Night returned to TNA last night, and we saw some very good matches last night. Not much in the way of promo-cutting and stuff, just wrestling. Kinda dig that. This episode would also feature all the previous Gut Check winners, who made their first TNA appearance since they won Gut Check. Open Fight Night was a really good way to get these newcomers noticed. Christian York, Sam Shaw, Alex Silva and Taeler Hendrix were all in competition last night, and to be honest, I think all of them did pretty well.

Before the call outs began on the show, Wes Brisco competed against Garrett Bischoff in his Gut Check match. A pretty good wrestling match. Not a lot of high-flying, or any flamboyant showcased. Just a lot of technical wrestling to start off the show. These two worked really well together. What I did not like about that match? Kurt Angle – Acting like a 14-year-old cheerleader during the entire match. Probably one of the best technical wrestlers in pro wrestling, ruining a technically-sound match by cheering Brisco every 5 seconds. Really? -.- Brisco also won the match, making him the first man to actually win his Gut Check match.

Joey Ryan was the FIRST person to call someone out. Someone who was a former Gut Check contestant himself. Joey Ryan. While Ryan was pissed at Hulk Hogan trying to separate the BFFs Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan during singles matches, he announced that he and Morgan would go after the tag titles (which I highly doubt they’ll win). So he called out Chavo Guerrero – and the same old routine happened. Ryan was beaten. Morgan laid out the opponent. Threatened Hogan. Same old ending. I don’t see how doing this each and every week is gonna benefit Ryan or Morgan in the long run. Have them do something different PLEASE.

Alex Silva was the first Gut Check winner to call someone out. And he called out former Gut Check winner Sam Shaw. A strange option pitting the two newcomers together. This match should have been longer to be honest, but the match was OK for what it was. Neither man never really did anything spectacular, since they didn’t have the time to. Hopefully, we’ll see a lot more of these guys in future IMPACTs.

A match that impressed the heck out of me followed next. Christian York was next to call someone out – and it was none other than the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy. This match was a quality TV match. York was really impressive in that match, and the chemistry was superb during that match. Good thing that York had more offense in the match. It put York over really well. The Twist Of Fate by York was a great edition to the match. As you’d expect, Jeff won the match, but it was still a really enjoyable match and York’s defeat won’t affect him at all. York can really go places if used correctly. Oh, and Bobby Roode laid out Jeff with a spear after the match, sending a message for their match for the title at Final Resolution. Roode has the advantage now, but next week expect Jeff to get some momentum back. By the way, where was James Storm this week? No appearance, and barely a reference of him during the entire show? Hmmmmm.

AND THE FINAL GUT CHECK WINNER TO CALL SOMEONE OUT! The lovely Taeler Hendrix who called out TNA Knockouts Champion Tara. Really? And Tara was on the offense so much during that match. Taeler rarely got some offense in. I know that was kinda the point to make the Champion seem dominant over the rookie, but I really wanted to see a bit more from Taeler. In this match and here gut check match, we haven’t seen a lot from Taeler yet, and I think she could be a real good member of the Knockouts division. She’s charismatic, quick and she has red hair. She really is someone who stands out. Predictably though, Tara won. -.-

Next up, since this was Thanksgiving in the US, they had the traditional “Loser-Must-Wear-A-Turkey-Suit” match, with Eric Young, Robbie E and Jesse in a triple threat match. Loser dresses up like a Turkey. Jesse won. Put on the suit. Tradition Lives On. Ah the good old tradition conti…

WAIT A MINUTE! In comes Aces And Eights. No match tonight. Just another hammer attack by DOC. Eric Young the victim. Nothing really special this week. I wish they could have done something a bit more with Aces And Eights here since they are one of the biggest storylines in TNA. They don’t even have a match at Final Resolution yet. -.-

AJ Styles faced Kazarian for the 1000th time as he prepares to face Christopher Daniels for the millionth time at Final Resolution. Styles win. Like always, a pretty good match between the two.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST. Double A TIME! Austin Aries promised last week, and through-out the night this week to call someone out. Since his call out was at the end, you expected someone big. Was it Hulk Hogan? Was it Hulk Hogan? No.

Who he called out was… wait for it… Brooke Hogan.

Yep, the woman only in TNA because of her surname was called out, not to fight, but because Aries had enough of the name “HOGAN”. Aries was talking about Brooke apparently getting together with Bully Ray. Clips of a conversation between Bully and Brooke two weeks ago, and Bully and Brooke sat on a couch talking last week was shown by Aries. Aries would then offer his “services” to Brooke by saying “If you’re that hungry for some love, you didn’t have to settle for the turkey, A Double would have gave you all the stuffing you can handle.”



This would obviously bring out Hulk Hogan. This also brings out Bully Ray, who looked damn ridiculous in that dress shirt. The end saw Hogan caught in the middle of Brooke and Bully. See the segment down here.

So TNA’s response to WWE ripping off TNA’s AJ Styles and Dixie Carter storyline, is to produce ANOTHER love/relationship storyline? REALLY? THIS IS NOT EASTENDERS AND CORONATION STREET PEOPLE! We do not need all these soap storylines in Wrestling. Stick to your strengths TNA. PROVIDE WRESTLING.

But other than that, good episode of IMPACT. 🙂

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