Is AJ Styles Turning Heel? My Thoughts on Impact Wrestling 13/12/12

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December 14, 2012 by Thomas Robinson

Hey guys, it’s Tom Robinson, here to discuss last night’s Impact Wrestling, NOT in a full review like I normally do, but just one area of interest. I actually think  last night’s show was pretty good. RVD vs Kenny King fairly decent. I thought the storyline with Austin Aries paying off Aces And Eights was really well done. The heated exchange between Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray was superb. It really gripped me when I was watching it. Good Knockouts action with Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne. Bully Ray vs Jesse was OK. Got to say, the Joseph Park Wrestling School segment wasn’t that great in my opinion. Also, Aces And Eights losing to Jeff Hardy and James Storm was a bummer. That means that Aces And Eights got beat AGAIN! But their is one thing I want to focus on… AJ Styles.

You see, on last night’s show, AJ cut a promo in the ring, after losing to Christopher Daniels at Final Resolution. A really good one in my opinion. AJ was talking about being sick of being a “corporate janitor” cleaning everyone else’s problem, and that he had forgotten about what was most important to him… AJ Styles. And this is the quote of the night. AJ Styles saying “I’m tired of always doing the right thing. So from now on, I’m going to be doing my own thing”. Wow.

OK, FIRST OF ALL, Don’t count your chickens before they hatch guys. This promo doesn’t necessarily mean AJ Styles is turning heel or has turned heel. This might be just like John Cena’s “Embrace The Hate” storyline at the start of 2012. AJ becomes a bit more aggressive, starts acting like a dick, but in the end, remains a face. However, all appearances DO seem to suggest that the Phenomenal One is turning into the next big heel in TNA. Reasons?

One: AJ saying “I’m tired of always doing the right thing. So from now on, I’m going to be doing my own thing”, may be the most convincing line of all, purely because of how self-centered it makes AJ sound. Also, the whole “tired of always doing the right thing” line suggests that AJ is not gonna be playing a fair game in TNA anymore.

Two: The way his tone of voice changed half-way through the promo. It sounded deeper, a little less happy-sounding, and it’s basically how all heels (with some exceptions of course) seem to sound these days.

Three: The way the commentators played off the promo and Tazz saying stuff like “this is a new side to AJ I haven’t seen before”. A good way to create a character shift for AJ.

Four: Not shown in the video, Dixie Carter confronted AJ after the promo backstage, with AJ saying nothing in reply and throwing the TNA t-shirt at Dixie. A sign of total disrespect for TNA and good friend Dixie Carter.

Now I for one would love to see AJ heel. TNA is lacking heels nowadays. I mean the notable heels in TNA right now are Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and Aces And Eights. AJ needs to join the Dark Side of the force and change up his character. There are a few directions that the heel AJ Styles could go now.

Joining Aces And Eights

AJ Styles joining the Aces And Eights would be a huge plus for the faction, who are slowly losing relevancy in TNA. AJ coming in, and becoming an integral part of the group could make for good television, and AJ locking horns with TNA management like Hulk Hogan may be interesting to watch.

A feud with Kurt Angle

This will most likely happen, and to be honest, while we’ve watched Kurt Angle and AJ Styles face each other 1000 times, I wouldn’t mind watching them go at it again in a 30 minute classic.

X-Division Champion And Destination X

AJ returning to the X Division would be amazing in my opinion. This brings relevancy to the division, if guys like AJ are competing in it. And of course, the X Division Champion gets a World Title shot at Destination X. While his loss at Turning Point was supposed to ban him from the World Title scene for a year, AJ could use the Destination X stipulation as a loophole, and could get him the title shot, and win him the TNA World Title.

Fortune Reunion

WOAH! Probably the most unlikely option, AJ, Kazarian, Christopher Daniels and Bobby Roode, could sort of reunite the Fortune faction which was formed in 2010, and didn’t last very long. This time for, things are different. Bobby Roode is probably the joint-top heel in TNA at the moment, and Daniels and Kazarian are both excellent heels in their own right. These 4 are better equipped as heels, and these 4 could do a lot better job as a faction, than in 2010.

Feud with James Storm

Again, another very likely outcome of the heel turn, AJ and James Storm both have unfinished business from Turning Point, where Storm pinned AJ to ban him from the TNA World Title picture for a year. And for a couple of weeks, hostility has been shown between the pair, and a heel AJ gives them a great excuse to feud.

There are a millions things TNA could do with a heel AJ Styles and hopefully they don’t mess things up. As far as heels are concerned, TNA have done very the last few years with great Heels like Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, Daniels and Kazarian coming through and making a name for themselves. In times where another main-event/upper-mid-card heel is needed, AJ could make a blinding impact in the year 2013.

Anyway, good to be back, and don’t forget to follow me on twitter where I am very active @TomRobinson5199, and I hope to write again very soon. But until then…

By the way, apologizes to Gorilla Press Online and the readers of his site for not posting much as of late. Been real busy with University work, and I’ve been really struggling to find the time. Hopefully, with a lot more time on my hands, a lot more blogging can be done on not only my own blog (at ) and at Gorilla Press Online. 🙂

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