Holy Grail: The true story of British Wrestling’s revival‏

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January 7, 2013 by gorillapressonline

Hello Guys and Gals this is my first post of 2013 so happy new year to you all, hope 2013 is great for everyone and is filled with wrestling goodness!

Speaking of wrestling goodness; Holy Grail is a great new wrestling book from Greg Lambert so without further ado I am proud to help out promote this great project:

I’d also like to note that 25% of the royalties of this book goto Kidscape a great anti bullying charity campaign in the Uk so please take the time to order the book and delve into british wrestling

Holy-Grail ROBW-New forn cover-Master copy



Greg  Lambert’s new book Holy Grail: The true story of British  Wrestling’s revival has been a smash hit with five-star  reviews.
Here  is what you thought of Greg Lambert’s new book Holy Grail: The true  story of British Wrestling’s revival
“So  hard to put down, so many amazing memories and wonderful stories.” ‘RockStar’  Spud, star of TNA British Boot Camp

“A fascinating and candid  account of the efforts made by a few men and women to revive this once  all-encompassing industry…this story needs to be told, read and understood by  anyone calling themselves a wrestling fan.” Patrick Lennon, The Daily Star  columnist and WrestleTalk TV presenter

“A startlingly accurate  and honest account of the ups and downs of 10 years of British wrestling.” Simon  Rothstein, TNA’s head of public relations in the UK

“I’d definitely say it’s a  strong thumbs up on the Kindle…a very good balance of the in-ring/on-screen  stuff and the behind-the–scenes stories. As you’d expect it’s well-written and  very readable.” John Lister, UK wrestling journalist

“I  have read wrestling books by Hart, Foley and Jericho plus a number of others and  can honestly say that I enjoyed this one more than any other. Greg’s passion for  the business literally jumps out of the pages and slaps you in a submission. The  story flows easily. A mixture of war stories and interviews add to the depth and  enjoyment. If you are a fan, promoter or wrestler and you haven’t read this book  yet then do so.” Luke O’Neill, wrestling fan

Signed copies of the  book in paperback are available EXCLUSIVELY from www.xwawrestling.com
You can also buy from http://www.authorhouse.co.uk/Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?BookId=SKU-000611299  from www.amazon.co.uk in paperback and  Kindle, and from various book-selling websites on e  book.
Follow Holy Grail on  twitter @HolyGrailwres
The author will  donate 25% of royalties to the UK anti-bullying charity  Kidscape.

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