Royal Rumble 2013 Thoughts and Predictions

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January 27, 2013 by gorillapressonline

The first Annual WWE PPV is on tonight with the 2013 Royal Rumble being held at the Us Airways center in Phoenix Arizona.

The Rumble is my Favorite specialty match event of the year and this year is no exception; The Rock Cm Punk feud has people questioning what will happen and the actual rumble match is just as open!

Expect a few surprise entries as always with returning superstars NXT superstars and veterans all bound to make this a terrific rumble match.

My pick to win the rumble is actually a bit of a cheat, Dolph Ziggler deserves to win; Undertaker would be a nice surprise winner leading into a ‘mania main event and my third and final pick would be Brock Lesnar.

Due to his limited schedule having Brock win is a way to keep him in the minds of WWE fans and has set up an easy match possibly with Cena or Punk.

The other Matches on the card are just as good as the Rumble match itself; The one on everyone lips is ROCK/Punk and I am just as excited.

CM Punk deserves to retain against the Rock and escalate this feud off the charts! think of the national mainstream press it would garner and this would help sell Elimination chamber ppv to no end.

Also I expect The Shield to get involved but not on Punk’s side, oh no watch them join the Rock and the past few weeks would prove that attacking the Rock was all a ruse!

Alberto Del Rio vs The Big Show could be a short filler match as WWE is unsure which direction to take Del Rio, Face one week Heel the next. Personally I think he performs better as a heel but so does Randy Orton and a possible upcoming program between the two would have Heel Orton/Face Del Rio.

Team Hell No Vs Rhodes Scholars is another match which I think could have a fishy ending with Daniel Bryan and Kane losing the match and turning against each other disparaging the tag team and setting up a long term Feud between the two.

Overall I am really excited for this PPV and hope we will all be talking about it and enjoying the fallout over the next few days!

Enjoy the PPV and stop putting spoilers up saying who will enter the Rumble! It ruins the surprise.




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