07/03/13 TNA Impact Wrestling – AJ Styles And Aces And Eights Tease

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March 8, 2013 by Thomas Robinson

Good evening TNA Fans. I’m Tom Robinson, with a contribution to Gorilla Press Online… finally. Anyway, let’s get cracking.

And today, we talk TNA, and we talk AJ Styles, as TNA teased a potential alliance between AJ Styles and Aces And Eights with this video…

Yes, AJ Styles is seen talking to a guy with an Aces And Eights jacket on, until the cameramen approach AJ, which results in AJ getting all physical and badass on the camera crew.

Now before you jump to the conclusion that AJ Styles is joining Aces And Eights, just remember this is probably TNA just teasing the possibility of AJ joining Aces And Eights. It doesn’t mean for sure that he will. Hell, he may show up at Lockdown and end up saving TNA from The Aces And Eights. Maybe he was talking to a defector of Aces And Eights or something. Of course, there is an obvious mean-streak starting to develop with AJ, with him slamming the camera guy onto the car. It’s a good change in character for AJ, as we’ve never seen AJ in a role in which he has this anti-hero badass attitude about him. And guys like that are rare in wrestling, and seeing AJ take on the role would be something cool, and it would get people to back him again.

However, let’s say he is joining Aces And Eights? What good will that do him? Personally, I don’t think that should happen. I mean, take a look at Mr Anderson. Ever since he joined Aces And Eights, he’s been really watered down and has really lost relevancy in TNA. Anderson has not been able to show off his great mic skills while with the group, mostly do to Devon taking up the role as the group’s spokesman. What if the same thing happens to AJ? Once the group ends, he’ll be right back where he left off when he “left” TNA – in the mid-card spot going nowhere. However, AJ Styles may actually be a good asset if used correctly. Aces And Eights don’t have a group member that is actually a main-event player in TNA, and with the right backing, AJ can fight for the World Title on behalf of the group, and if he wins it, the group is suddenly a huge threat.

Personally, I’m all for the idea of AJ being an anti-hero FIGHTING Aces And Eights, rather than him joining the group. I think it makes sense as AJ said before he “left”, “I’m sick and tired of always doing the right thing. So from now on, I’ll be doing my own thing”. This is a lifestyle which all anti-heroes live by. They do what they want, when they want and however they want to do it. Hellboy, Spawn, The Punisher, Vegeta, they all still keep their badass sides but also fights for the greater good. That’s the direction I think TNA should go.

Anyway thanks for reading guys, I’ll see you again soon for the Lockdown predictions on Sunday. Stick around for that. Also, this blog is getting a new name. I think it needs a cool name, and it’s time to change up the blog a bit. I’ve been messing around with all sorts of ideas like RockTR Blogging and TR Frontline Blogging, but I’m still not that certain what to do. Anyway, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @TomRobinson5199 and Gorilla Press @Gpressonline. I’ll see you on Sunday.

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