Down For The Count: The Knockouts Division

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March 13, 2013 by officialwyat


It seems that TNA is having serious problems with their female talent pool. With the recent releases of talents such as Angelina Love, Sarita, Rosita, and Winter, there really isnt much of a division. Most of the matches only consist of Velvet Sky, Tara, and Gail Kim. Tessmacher, Mickie James, and Madison Rayne get little to no TV time at all. ODB has rarely been used at all since the Bischoff-Hogan Regime began, which is a travesty in-of-itself, considering she is the most physically dominant of the entire roster. The wildcards on their female roster are Taeler Hendrix, Lei’D Tapa, and The Blossom Twins, who all won spots within the company due to either GutCheck or British Bootcamp. Unfortunately, past those segments and one other episode, they have not been seen.

The company who once prided itself on their womens division, who garnered the shows highest rated segments for a long period of time, has widdled down that group to a monotonous, predictable, shell of its former self. The talent pool has gotten so shallow, Hornswoggle wouldnt even drown.


The company has dailed back their PPVs to 4 major ones a year. With special “One Night Only” events substituting during the months without a PPV. One of those upcoming shows is a Knockouts exclusive event. Unfortunately, they do not have enough women to make a full card, and due to their treatment of talent, former KO’s are not interested in performing on the show. Revealed through their personal Twitter accounts, Roxxi, Traci Brooks, Awesome Kong, and Angelina Love have all declined to appear. With Rosita recently being released and selling her ring gear, it’s pretty safe to say that she will not be appearing either. Sarita has continued to work in both Japan & Mexico, as she did WHILE in TNA, so I doubt she will drop a booking with a constant company for a “One Night Only” deal. The only people who MAY appear would be Winter, Hamada, or Alyssa Flash.


With this upcoming PPV, I think TNA needs to forget their past Knockouts, and look to the future to fill out this event card. While they could put together a few decent matches with the talent they have, it is not a PPV worthy lineup, nor is it a PPV amount of talent. If they want to keep this show as scheduled, than they need to look to the indies and bring in women who may have had one or two prior appearances, or people who have never been. This could be a great way for them to scout talent and sign whomever they see money in or could creatively do something with. Otherwise, this show will end up being cancelled.

Another cancellation that should be made is the Knockouts Tag Team Championship belts. There is not enough women to support having them, and putting them on ODB & Eric Young is a mochary to both of those talents. To say that the Knockouts Division is in a state of chaos is a complete understatement. It is sad to say, but the glory days of womens wrestling on American television is a thing of the past. Thank you Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, and Bruce Pritchard.



By: Wyat Brown (@OfficialWyat)

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