KNOW YOUR PURO-MADNESS: Prince Devitt & His Nutty Tweets

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April 8, 2013 by @JSimpsonWriter

Twitter can be very useful for wrestling fans. You can regularly find out what they are up to and what they think. Some wrestlers have millions of followers, millions of people seeing what they have to say. With it being a public forum they sometimes further storylines or on screen feuds. The tweets they create can be very insightful, useful and very helpful for those wanting to get closer to their favourite star. Then there’s Prince Devitt.

Fergal ‘Prince’ Devitt, @fergaldevitt, is the undoubted star of New Japans junior heavyweight division. The Irish star has earned the respect of many around the world for his talent. Following him on Twitter would allow you to see his updates of big upcoming matches and photo’s of him in action. Yet earlier this year Devitt started posting some odd tweets. They involved him mocking his opponents. The usually respectful Prince would poke fun at or ridicule various New Japan wrestlers. The biggest target seemed to be Captain New Japan, a mid-card comedy act. Slightly overweight and wearing a rather silly outfit Cpt. NJ is usually a fan favourite who always gives his best (despite losing often). Devitt would tweet about ‘Captain Dickhead’ and saying negative things about his weight.


Devitts tweets were becoming more bizzare and disrespectful. In a country like Japan, where they hold respect very dear, these messeges were no doubt causing people to dislike the Junior heavyweight champion. Outrage broke when he posted a photo onto Twitter of him holding Captain New Japan’s mask over a urinal and claiming that he had farted in it before placing it back in its bag. Claiming he had done this would have raised eyebrows but showing a very suspect photo with it was the tipping point. Puro Madness had begun as Devitt increased his verbal assault on Captain NJ and posted more mocking photos. He started a campaign against another masked wrestler – Tiger Mask. He photographed himself wearing Tigers actual mask that he had stolen. Prince started calling himself ‘reeeeal’ and a shooter yet he talked about needing a bouncer to protect him. Clearly he was heading for a heel turn and used Twitter to assist this.

At NJPW Invasion Attack, April 7th, Devitt and long term partner Ryusuke Taguchi lost an IWGP Junior Tag title match. Afterwards Devitt attacked Taguchi and was joined by his new bouncer King Fale (returning after a ‘learning excursion’). It appears the heel turn is complete and many more batty tweets are hopefully to come.

James Simpson (@JSimpsonWrites)

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