Weekly Wrestling Update 12/04/13

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April 12, 2013 by gorillapressonline

Wrestlemania 29 was many a thing to many a fan, some hated it some loved it; I was split down the middle but following circumstances of the main even with the Rock being injured mid match to still pull off the rest of the match was some feat and explains the fact that for me Rock didn’t look “into it”.

Undertaker once again proved that he is the highlight of the year and 29 was no let down, an awesome introduction for CM Punk from the Living Colour was a pleasant surprise and Taker rising amongst the fallen victims as he rose to the ring was a thing of beauty!

The match had enough spots, false finishes and use of submissions to be up there with the best of Taker’s mania encounters.

Glad the streak continued and had no feelings around Punk ending it either.

Cm Punk will be away from action for a while now resting injuries and would expect more than for him to come back even better than he has been over the past few motnhs.

HHH and Brock Lesnar did what the match was hyped to do and that nasty Dry Ice situation (look for the picture that HHH posted)again proves what all wrestlers battle through.

Fandango Vs Jericho was another highlight for me although I feel that after the leg drop Fandango should have went over then instead of the roll-up from the Walls of Jericho Which sold a Jericho ankle injury but that’s just my personal opinion

Shame that the six man tag team was dropped due to time restraints I felt that there was a little too much video packages selling an event we had already purchased but hey what can you do, I know why WWE do it just don’t agree with it sometimes.

I’m also hearing lots of great news for other shows that were happening across the whole of the mania weekend so if you have any personal recommendations please leave them for me on the comments section so I can check them out!

Raw the following night was superb, the crowd were brilliant Ziggler finally cashing in his MITB made for epic viewing and the Ryback/Cena confrontation is shaping up nicely.I expect to see them facing each other at Extreme rules.

The next few weeks are rather busy for me wrestling wise as not only will I be going to a WWE Wrestlemania Revenge tour (expect lots of photos and updates) in newcastle; I will also be going to Mick Foley’s UK Comedy tour at Middlesbrough not only that but I have Front Row Seats!!!! I’m looking forward to hearing the hardcore legends stories and tales from a lifetime inside the squared circle!

Tickets for Mick Foley’s shows are avaible here:



get in touch with anything wrestling wise and leave your thoughts on RAW Wrestlemania TNA NJPW and so much more!


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